Gunnar Peterson, arms crossed, smiling.
Gunnar Peterson

Slam-dunk your training with the guy who keeps the LA Lakers in shape

Gunnar Peterson

If there’s one name that comes up again and again when it comes to Hollywood fitness, it’s Gunnar Peterson. From Angelina Jolie’s Tomb Raider rig to Matthew McConaughey's Magic Mike abs, Gunnar has had a hand in many of the most eye-popping body transformations in the past three decades of blockbusters.

When he’s not whipping the Kardashians into shape, however, Gunnar is the director of strength and endurance for the NBA’s LA Lakers: he’s the guy who makes sure they get through a grueling 82-game season without injury.

Having the overall wellness approach in life is really what's gonna give you longevity”

It’s a fitting gig for the guy who wanted to be a professional athlete as a little kid. “When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up to be an American football player,” he recalls. “A pro athlete. And sort of morphed into different sports as I learned about more sports. But I always wanted to be a pro athlete.”

When he’s working with the Lakers, Gunnar is there to ensure they can make it through the season in top form, and then maintain through the offseason, and his approach is holistic – it’s not just about training drills with the ball. For those of us who aren’t pro basketballers, this mindset can work wonders, too.

“Having the overall wellness approach in life is really what's gonna give you longevity and it's what's gonna provide across the board for things,” he explains. “So it's not just are you working out? It's are you working out? Are you eating right? Are you hydrating? Are you sleeping? Are you actively working to keep your stress levels down? Because that will break you down.”

An Instagram post of Gunnar Peterson holding Lance Stephenson's hand.

It’s this multifaceted approach to strength and fitness that Gunnar sees as a secret weapon, and it’s one that’s seen him working solidly across nearly three decades, breezing through various fitness trends and tricks in favour of functional training that can revolutionise your gains.

And just like it takes mental agility to face down an opponent on the court, the programs Gunnar has designed for Centr will work your body and your mind.

“I try to keep you engaged mentally,” Gunnar says of his programs. “So, there's some counting, there's some number play. And then there are movements that will stimulate you head to toe, all three planes of motion. All muscle groups, focusing on the biggest muscle groups, big compound movements, multi joint movements. So you'll have a greater yield for the work you're putting in.”

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