Chris Hemsworth and his personal trainer Luke Zocchi work up a sweat in a workout routine.
Luke Zocchi & Chris Hemsworth

Work out with Chris Hemsworth & Luke Zocchi

Luke Zocchi & Chris Hemsworth

In this intense 15-minute bodyweight workout routine with Luke Zocchi and Chris Hemsworth, every move adds up to a healthier you.

This World Health Day, April 7, we’re making a popular workout, recipe and meditation free, because everyone deserves physical and mental well-being.

Whether you choose to push your limits with this workout, blitz the Ginger, Apple & Banana Smoothie or learn the art of sleep visualization with Chris, we’ll make your moves count for double toward our goal of 80 million active minutes – helping 13,000 kids build healthy habits with Good Sports.

Are you ready? This workout is short, sharp and gets tougher as it goes along. Note Chris’s early words of warning: pace yourself.


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