Chris Hemsworth performs a lunge during an outdoor workout.
Centr Team

Celebrate World Health Day with Centr

Centr Team

Whether it’s blitzing a smoothie, pushing your limits with a new workout or making time for 5 minutes of calm, every action you take towards a healthier you adds up.

To celebrate World Health Day on April 7, we’ve made a workout, recipe and meditation FREE for everyone, because whether you’re a Centr member or not, we all deserve physical and mental wellbeing.

Chris Hemsworth and his personal trainer Luke Zocchi warm up for an outdoor workout.

Try a 15-minute bodyweight workout with Chris and his trainer Luke.

A Ginger, Apple & Banana Smoothie from the Centr recipe bank sits on a table.

After you've finished your workout, blitz a Ginger, Apple & Banana Smoothie.

Chris Hemsworth looks off into the distance.

And when you need a good night’s rest, try this sleep visualization narrated by Chris.

All you have to do is complete just ONE and we’ll make your moves count for double towards our goal of 80 million active minutes – helping 13,000 kids build healthy habits with Good Sports.

In 2023, Chris Hemsworth’s workout app Centr is making every minute you spend on healthy habits count. Learn more about Moves that Matter.

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