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6 ways working out like Chris Hemsworth transforms you

Centr Team

What happens when you work out like Chris Hemsworth for 30 days? Centr member Erik Conover committed himself to finding out – and it changed everything.

Erik is a YouTube creator who shares his global travels and life in New York. Having fallen ill while traveling overseas, Erik shared his personal fitness setbacks via his channel – and that's how we discovered his story. We were thrilled to see he’d joined Centr and was using the program to take back control of his physical and mental well-being.

Erik documented every step of his journey towards his ultimate fitness goal. Like many of his fellow Centr members, he was surprised to find it was so much more than a workout plan – it was a life-changing new way of taking control of health and wellbeing.

Whether your goal is weight loss, building muscle or simply feeling stronger and more energised, Erik’s journey shows that it’s not about how fit you are when you start, or the six-pack you’ve gained at the end, but the ability to transform your whole life for the better, so you're ready to take on any challenge.

Here are six ways training like Chris Hemsworth changed Erik – in more ways than muscle:

1. Centr gave him the tools to make health a priority
Erik vowed after recovering from his illness: “I will never take my health for granted.” Luckily, Centr gave him the resources and ability to make sure his health and fitness – and quality of life – remained his top priority.

Just 30 days into his Centr journey, Erik felt strong, healthy, fast and fit. Now he can keep up his globetrotting life and, with Centr in his pocket wherever he goes, he doesn't have to sacrifice his fitness or health while he's on the road.

30 days training like Chris Hemsworth was a big challenge – with huge rewards.

2. Self discipline stopped being a struggle
Erik set himself the following rules to maximize his chances of success:

  • "30 days to get fit."

  • "No sugar."

  • "No booze."

  • "No cheat meals."

Sounds like a challenge, right? Well, it turns out these rules are a whole lot easier to stick to when Centr can provide a tailored fitness plan in the palm of your hand. Less stress and less guesswork. You bring the goal and the drive and Centr can guide you the rest of the way – with less stress and less guesswork.

3. Old limitations became a thing of the past
Erik told us his first week of training with Centr was a real struggle, “I felt 9.5 on the tired scale, was getting crushed by the workouts and was sore in places I didn’t know existed.”

This is normal for many people starting out on a new fitness journey, especially after a period of inactivity or illness. But perseverance goes a long way. Erik pushed through and by week two, his entire outlook had changed.

“The first week it was, ‘I feel sore, I can’t move.’ [In the second week] it was ‘Wow, I actually have some muscle definition coming in!’ It’s amazing the changes you can make in a short amount of time.”

Putting in the effort meant Erik maxed his results with Centr.

4. He learned the secret to being a morning person
Think getting up before dawn to hit the gym is an impossible task? “When you have a solid reason, getting up at 5am isn’t hard,” Erik found.

It doesn’t mean the workouts will be easy, but whether you're hauling yourself out of bed before dawn or working up the motivation to hit the gym after a hard day at the office, finding your ‘why’ is your impetus to keep going. Having a clear goal is the best defence against falling off the fitness wagon.

5. Fuelling fitness with food became simple
“Diet is the hardest thing,” Erik says. “What you eat will make or break a transformation or a fitness goal.”

Following a meal plan not only removes the guesswork, but also helps you get into a routine and build healthy habits through convenience. Centr gave Erik a meal plan designed to complement his training, and change the way he thought about fuelling his body.

Erik didn't just transform his body, he took his fitness game to a whole new level.

6. He built mental strength and resilience
While Erik expected to get plenty of use out of the workouts and meal plan on Centr, he was surprised at how useful he found another facet of the program.

“I didn’t expect how much I would be relying on the meditation portion of the app,” he says.

In a holistic health and fitness journey, you can’t neglect your mental recovery and emotional support – it’s what will pull you through the challenges. Plus, it can help your body recover: after a tough day of training, Erik drifted off to a Centr sleep visualization every night.

Erik’s not the only one who can benefit from Chris Hemsworth’s hand-picked team of experts! Start your 7-day free trial now at Centr.com to see what Centr can do for you.

You can follow Erik’s journey in full on his YouTube channel.

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