Chris Hemsworth

A healthier you starts here.

Get everything you need to start right with the Fitness Essentials kit from Chris Hemsworth’s team. Exclusive to Walmart.

The Fitness Essentials Kit Includes:

  • A 3-Month Centr Subscription

  • 5x Tube Bands

  • 2x Handles

  • 2x Ankle Straps

  • 1x Loop Anchor

  • 3x Loop Bands

  • 1x Exercise Mat

  • 2x Travel Bags

  • 1x Shaker Bottle

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3 months of unlimited access to Centr included.

Transform your health, fitness and mindset with Chris Hemsworth’s team of world-class experts in one easy-to-use program.

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    Specialized training

    Find hundreds of Centr workouts and short-term Programs to help you sculpt, tone, boost cardio and more.


    Level Up Your Glute Strength

    Test your limits and transform your lower body with Glute Builder. An 8-week targeted weight training program for all levels.


    Upper-Body Builder

    You know what you want – it’s time to get it with our targeted weight training program. Designed by the industry's best to build your chest, arms and back.

    Build core strength

    Get core-confident with 28 Days of Core. The stackable, snackable program that fits your every day.

    Build serious muscle & strength

    Follow in Chris Hemsworth’s footsteps to build serious muscle, strength and size with Centr Power.

    High-intensity strength training

    Shape and tone your body with Centr Sculpted, the 6-week high-intensity strength training program.

    No-equipment cardio & strength

    Burn, tone and build strength in 6 weeks with Centr Unlimited: no-equipment training for all levels.

    Bodyweight HIIT

    Work out anytime, anywhere with Centr Unleashed – the 6-week bodyweight program for all levels.

    Circuit-style cardio & strength

    Kickstart your fitness goals with Centr 6 – 6 exercises, 6 rounds, 6 days a week, for 6 weeks.

    The ultimate full-body burn

    Activate strength, sculpt muscle and blast cardio fitness over 6 weeks with Centr Ignite.

    Blend fitness & mindfulness

    Centr Fusion will challenge your body and calm your mind with a blend of boxing, strength and yoga.

    Yoga & Pilates

    Centr Align is the 4-week program where yoga meets Pilates to strengthen, tone and build confidence.

    For total beginners

    Start right and build confidence with Centr Begin, the 3-week, low-impact beginner program.

    Available Exclusively at Walmart

    Only available in the United States of America. Centr's Fitness Essentials Kit is available on Includes a 3-month Centr subscription with purchase.