Bodyweight HILIT: New burn

By Alexz Parvi

You'll be starting with your legs, then working your way up to your cardio and core in this session with Alexz.

The active rest breaks are optional – keep moving for even bigger cardio gains, or take the break if you need it.

  • Level

  • Time
    33 MIN

  • Equipment
    No equipment

  • Targets
    Full body

  • Into the zone

    Get ready to sweat with Alexz.

  • Legs go!

    Power up the big muscle groups in your legs to kickstart fat burn and toning.

    Round 1
  • Kick butt

    Watch out for the squat variations that will activate your upper body and challenge your coordination.

    Round 2
  • Bring the fire

    Alexz is upping the difficulty and the full-body burn. Stay focused!

    Round 3
  • Finish strong

    Last round, so give it everything – including the active rest hold!

    Round 4
  • Ease the burn

    Take a minute to wrap up your session by cooling down your muscles.

    Cool down

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