Recipes from the Centr meal plan: protein balls, rice cakes with avocado, muesli bars and mug cake.
Centr Team

20 high-protein snacks to eat after your workout

Centr Team

You've smashed your workout, snapped your selfie, and slipped out of your gym gear… or, you know, yanked it off and thrown it across the room. What comes next? Your post-workout snack session, of course! Protein is key for recovery, so it’s a good thing these small bites are full of it.


Dan's Chocolate Coconut Protein Pudding

Dumbells down, pudding up! Dan's choc-coco snack is ready in 2 minutes. We repeat: 2 minutes.


Almond, Date & Banana Snack Smoothie

You know that feeling at the end of a workout where you're both incredibly thirsty and ravenously hungry? This smoothie is the answer.


Dan's Baked Broccoli Bites

Put these broccoli bad boys in the oven before crushing a quick workout. They'll be ready to bite into as soon as you've busted those moves.


Turkey, Apple & Cottage Cheese

Anyone can knock up a post-workout sandwich. But you know there's a fresher way to get your protein fix.


Sergio's Green Snack Smoothie

Plenty of protein for recovery, plus the refreshing kick of lime juice, coconut water and apple.


Tuna & Bean Power Bowl

Wrapped up a workout but still a long way from lunch or dinner? Power maximum gains with this high-powered mini bowl.

Recovery Chocolate Mug Cake from the Centr meal plan.

Sergio's Recovery Chocolate Mug Cake

This one-dish chocolate treat can be whipped up in under 7 minutes. It's like a hug in a mug, with recovery sprinkled on top.

Chocolate & Salted Coconut Protein Poppers from the Centr meal plan.

Sergio's Chocolate & Salted Coconut Protein Poppers

Sergio's invention may look (and taste) like dessert, but these balls pack a surprising pop of protein.

Rice Cakes with Avocado & Tuna from the Centr meal plan.

Sergio's Rice Cakes with Avocado & Tuna

Is there a better fancy-but-lazy snack combo than tuna and avo? Give us your answer when your mouth isn't full.

Ginger and Wasabi Trail Mix from the Centr meal plan.

Ginger and Wasabi Trail Mix

Are you busy? Yes. Do you like it hot? Also yes. This spicy trail mix is your new grab-and-go fuel.

Protein Chocolate Chip Cookies from the Centr meal plan.

Sergio's Protein Chocolate Chip Cookies

It's your all-time favorite snack, given a high-protein makeover.

Sweet Potato & Salmon Frittatas from the Centr meal plan.

Sweet Potato & Salmon Frittatas

Make in advance and keep a post-workout stash in the fridge. Or make cooking your active recovery and enjoy a warm frittata, straight outta the oven.

Power Plus Muesli Bars from the Centr meal plan.

Power Plus Muesli Bars

Try these and you'll never want a pre-packaged protein bar again. Promise.

Strawberry Protein Ice-cream from the Centr meal plan.

Sergio's Strawberry Protein Ice-cream

Yes, your favorite treat now comes with extra protein goodness.

Moroccan Spiced Turkey Meatballs from the Centr meal plan.

Moroccan Spiced Turkey Meatballs

Is it a post-workout protein snack or a posh party appetizer? Either way, it gets the job done in style.

Mango & Turmeric Snack Smoothie from the Centr meal plan.

Mango & Turmeric Snack Smoothie

While the mango helps soothe an epic sweat, the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric can help relieve DOMS.


Peanut Butter & Honey Protein Squares

Pack a square to get your post-workout protein hit, fast.


Choc Drizzle Protein Bars

We had you at 'choc drizzle', didn't we?


Power Protein Yogurt with Peanut Butter

Sometimes the best post-workout snacks are the simplest.


Protein Snack Tray

Grazing has never been so satisfying.

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