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Your commitment to daily healthy habits helps Centr and Good Sports keep kids active.

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In 2023, every workout, recipe and meditation you complete counts towards our community goal of 300 million active minutes.

Support active kids

Reaching 300 million active minutes will help 37,000+ kids stay active with our friends at Good Sports.


Workout plans tailored to your goals.

World-class trainers at your fingertips.

No matter your fitness level, Centr’s trainers can help you reach your goals faster. Enjoy 1400+ workouts including HIIT, strength, Pilates, yoga, muscle-building and more.


Easy, healthy food that you’ll actually love.

Dietician-approved meal plans to suit your fitness goal.

Over 800 easy-to-follow recipes including snacks, quick breakfasts and mouth-watering mains – all catering to a wide range of dietary requirements.


Find your Centr and calm the chaos.

Tools, tricks, advice and 24/7 community support at your fingertips. 

Unwind with meditations and sleep visualizations from special guests including Taika Waititi, and receive up-to-date health and fitness advice from Chris Hemsworth’s team.

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Well worth the money

The comprehensive nature of the fitness app takes a well-rounded approach to health, addressing not only the body through both exercise and nutrition, but also the mind through mindfulness, wellness rituals, stress reduction and yoga.

I've never felt so strong

I saw (and felt) results with Centr Power at Home within just a few weeks. Tasks like lifting my luggage into the overhead bin on the airplane felt much easier and less like I was tearing a muscle in my arm every time I did it.

Optimal center for all things wellness

Test your physical limits with Centr and choose hard-hitting workouts from Chris Hemsworth’s team. Includes hundreds of daily meal plans to sift through, wellness-focused meditations for adults (and kiddos, too) and thousands of workouts to plan your personalized training regimen.

Best strength program

Our high expectations were blown away after trying Centr's strength program. Whatever your abilities, goals, or available equipment, Centr has a motivating, multiweek program for you.

Thank you for changing my well-being

It's so empowering to see how Centr has been able to help change people's well-being MENTALLY, PHYSICALLY and EMOTIONALLY.

Sophie Parish

Thanks Centr team!

Thank you for putting together a team that covers all the bases we need to have healthier lives

Laura Everest-Doughty

It's been life changing

Almost two years ago I joined Centr. It’s been life changing for me. I feel so much stronger even though I have lots of setbacks, I just get back up and keep trying. The number one thing I love about this program is the amount of support and friends I’ve made. So thank you everyone. ❤️

Amber Tapia

This is by far the best

I have done many apps over the years and this is by far THE BEST! The trainers are brilliant, the food is great & not too complex, and the meditations I use everyday...

Mitch Margs

I can feel my body getting stronger

It hasn't been easy, but following the program and meal plan has already yielded so many positive benefits, more than any exercise I've done in the past. The trainers are very positive and encourage you to push yourself!


This app has everything you need in one place!

The prices for membership are afforable and you get so much for it.


This app has everything you need in one place!

The prices for membership are affordable and you get so much for it. I will use this app as long as I’m around to use it!

Danny A

Best. App. Ever

I suck at sticking to fitness and nutrition - this app makes it easy and the community that comes with it is amazingly motivational. The workouts are tailored to what you want. I feel like a professional chef at home. The meditation and sleep visualizations help with unwinding after a long or stressful day!


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