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Upper-body workout - Beginner

Centr Team

Barbell military press

Target: Shoulders, traps, upper and mid-back, core

Form tips:

  • Think rotation, not elevation – your shoulders should rotate upward rather than lifting up your traps.

  • Engage your core and glutes to prevent arching of your lower back.

  • If you're a beginner, close your fists when gripping the bar so it doesn't slip out.

Seated lat pulldown

Target: Lats, shoulders, back

Form tips:

  • Engage your core.

  • Keep your collarbone up.

  • Only pull the bar down as low as you can without your shoulders rotating internally – this is usually down to around nose level.

Barbell close-grip bench press

Target: Triceps, chest, shoulders

Form tips:

  • Grip the bar in line with your shoulders – anything narrower may cause excessive internal rotation of your shoulders.

  • Plant your feet underneath your knees, with knees pointing outward, to engage glutes and stabilize your body.

  • Chest up and focus on pressing through your palms to ensure you're working the right muscles.

  • Engage your core to support your lower back.

  • If you're a beginner, close your fists when gripping the bar.

Single-arm cable rows

Target: Mid back, shoulders

Form tips:

  • Select a weight that allows you to maintain control throughout.

  • Shoulders down so your traps don't take over.

  • Keep your head and spine neutral throughout the movement.

Tricep skull crushers

Target: Triceps

Form tips:

  • Activate your core.

  • Elbows should remain shoulder width apart – avoid flaring out or drawing closer in, as this can cause elbow strain.

  • Aim to bring the bar down slightly above your forehead.

  • Focus on feeling the squeeze at the back of your arms as they lock out.

Plate press

Target: Chest, triceps, shoulders, core

Form tips:

  • Select a weight of plate that you can safely control through the full movement.

  • Engage your core and glutes for stability.

  • Chest up high and shoulders down as you press the plate forward.

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