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Find your ideal audio to sleep like a baby

Centr Team

Sleep is good for your mind and your body. You already know this. But sometimes, you need a little help to drift off and get the rest you need.

That’s where our famous sleep visualizations come in. As member Christel says, “Am I the only one who has never heard the end of a sleep visualization?” (You’re definitely not, Christel.)

Find the problem that’s keeping you up at night in this list and we’ll give you the visualizations to suit. Don’t forget to hit save on the ones that work for you.

I need to optimize my recovery

You train hard, but how hard do you sleep? A body scan will relax your muscles and get you primed for a night of deep, restorative sleep for recovery.

The kids keep me up

Chris and his good friend Taika Waititi narrate these meditations for kids – or kids at heart – designed to help young ones drift off, so you can, too.

  • Take a relaxing journey through the twinkling galaxy with Chris in Starry Night.
  • Join Taika Waititi for a Magical Adventure to a place the kids will feel safe in.
  • Tuck the kids in with Taika’s ready-for-bed checklist in Sleepy Head.

My body won’t relax

If you feel physically wired at night or can’t get comfortable in bed, a body scan will send out the message that it’s time to relax.

My brain won’t switch off

When your thoughts won’t stop racing and worrying only makes things worse, you need a visualization with a story. A soothing story can help distract you from whatever is keeping you awake and remove the ‘pressure’ to fall asleep.

  • Float off on a scenic journey to Rome in the Summertime with Sergio. (Now that’s the stuff dreams are made of.)
  • Take the passenger seat, close your eyes and let Sergio drive you down Route 66.
  • Let Michael transport you far away from the chaos of daily life to Your Mountain Escape.

I wake up in the night

Struggle with disrupted sleep? The next time you wake up and can’t fall asleep again, try one of these.

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