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“… it is perfect for all those people who prefer to exercise at home for lack of time.” – InStyle

… this app has more features than the Avengers has members." – Muscle & Fitness

Muscle & Fitness

“… a holistic program that delivers a curation of the couple’s A-list workouts, recipes and wellness inspiration.” – PEOPLE Magazine

“… you can scroll through your weekly planner, see newly-added workout or meditation videos and recipes, and swipe to swap out activities you're not into… Centr can even use HealthKit with Apple Watch to log your workouts and record your heart rate. Paired with this is the mindfulness section, which not every fitness app prioritizes, so kudos.” – Mashable

a strong role model for those who need a reminder to keep pushing, even when the going gets tough.” – Bustle

I feel sore just watching this." – CNET


“Outside of the big screen, Chris recently launched a new fitness app titled Centr. And while he is hands-on with the new business, he isn't saying goodbye to movies anytime soon.” – E! News

“He’s used all types of training methods to get his Thor body ripped and in perfect condition and now he wants to help others achieve their body goals." – Hollywood Life

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