Meals from the Centr program that are suitable for batch cooking.
Centr Team

Made for meal prep: 7 recipes you can batch cook

Centr Team

If you've made prepping your meals in advance one of your health goals for the year, let us fill you in on a little secret – your freezer is your friend.

Spend a morning off making one (or more) of these tasty batch meals, then simply freeze them for later. You'll never order takeout because there's 'nothing to eat' again!

Baked Meatballs with Ciabatta from the Centr meal plan.

Baked Meatballs with Ciabatta

Freeze this after you've cooked the meatballs and sauce. When it's dinner time, defrost it, cheese it, grill it and go.

Pork & Fennel Bolognese from the Centr meal plan.

Pork & Fennel Bolognese

Pasta cooks in no time, so if you have the bolognese ready then this becomes an easy, filling dinner in mere minutes.

Mushroom & Lentil Patties from the Centr meal plan.

Mushroom & Lentil Patties

These can stay on ice for almost 2 months, if you freeze them before cooking. For a speedier salad, replace haloumi with feta.

Creamy Eggplant & Chickpea Curry from the Centr meal plan.

Creamy Eggplant & Chickpea Curry

Curries are the best (and easiest) of the batch recipes, and this one gets extra points for being a perfect stand-alone – no need to make the rice.

Chicken Soup with Pesto from the Centr meal plan.

Chicken Soup with Pesto

You can add the pasta before or after freezing, but swirl the pesto and parmesan in fresh.

Pea & Ham Soup from the Centr meal plan.

Pea & Ham Soup

Freeze the soup and cooked ham hock separately, then defrost and combine for an easy-peasy lunch.

Moroccan Vegetable Stew from the Centr meal plan.

Moroccan Vegetable Stew

Healthy, hearty and perfect for freezing. What more could a lazy home chef want?

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