Does Centr get results? Ask our members

When you Train, Eat, Live Centr, you’re not just a member, you’re a Legend. It’s a title our members have well and truly earned with their energy, support for each other in our community and their incredible achievements using the program.

So what is it about Centr that has helped men just like you get results where other fitness efforts failed? We went straight to the source and asked our Legends to tell us how they have forged a healthier and happier lifestyle, faced new challenges and taken their fitness further than they thought possible.


William was a complete health and fitness newbie when he joined Centr on day one. With the success he’s seen so far, he has no intention of stopping any time soon!

“The biggest surprise was seeing quick results, and not feeling cheated. When it came to food, I had no experience with what’s ‘healthy’ for weight loss. I thought everyone would just eat chicken and vegetables, but Centr has shown me so many different options to achieve my goal. "


"I can fit my workouts in at any time of the day. I don’t have to plan anything because the app has trainers like Luke, Jorge, Michael, Sylvia, Torre, and Da Rulk working out alongside me, showing me how to do the exercise. Once I was workout out at the same pace as the trainers, it was easy to level up and continue to challenge myself.

The toughest obstacle I had to face was the extra baggage in my mind. From past personal experience of feeling attacked or not worthy and having self-doubt, Centr slowly helped me let go of all that anxiety.

As a founding Legend since day one, I was committed to weight loss. Now I’m ready to focus on leaning out and toning my body. I know Centr will continue to help me achieve this goal.”


For Robert, it was Centr’s holistic approach to health that finally delivered a program that would work for him.

“Each part of the Centr mix – food, fitness, and wellness – is important to get in the best shape you can. By following the Centr meal plan, you get all the nutrients you need, but you feel satisfied and not restricted to a basic diet."


"The workouts are insanely entertaining, sometimes I find myself doing workouts with Tiff or the Spaniard (Jorge Blanco) just for fun, forgetting that I actually have to train! Centr is the only program that has made training a fun part of my day. As a student and part-time worker, I manage to do two workouts every day: one in the morning and one in the evening. At first, I wasn't able to do the workouts on a higher intensity than Beginner mode – the ability to choose your intensity allows everyone to workout at their own pace.

On the wellness side of things, nothing is more relaxing than meditations with Michael Olajide Jr.

My next goal is to reduce my body fat, which doesn't seem so hard now.”


Daniel is another member who has been with us since day one. In that time he has noticed improvements in everything from his technique to his immune system – not to mention his muscle gains. He feels stronger, healthier and more capable in every way.

“Centr immediately fit into my schedule because of the variety of workouts and the ability to work out at home if I couldn’t make it to the gym. Torre, Rulk, Bobby, and Luke have taught me a new meaning of ‘working out’ and it’s amazing. The definition in my body is better and the trainers always keep it interesting."


What surprised me the most is how much healthier I feel eating with Centr. Before I was pounding down weight-gain shakes thinking that’s the only way I could bulk, but with this program not only am I creating lean mass, I’m also cutting fat. I just feel great."

The wellness feature has helped me sleep better and reduced my stress to an absolute minimum. Honestly, it’s just been amazing.”


Even though Mattia had to work hard for his amazing results, fitting Centr into his lifestyle has been a breeze.

“The meals are tasty and easy to make, and the variety of workouts makes it fun and motivating. I was really ready for a change and Centr was the perfect answer."


"The results! In a three month period, I was able to lose over 20 pounds (9kg) pretty easily. In my opinion, it’s the best program out there. It’s the only one that offers everything in one place: food, fitness, and wellness. All the meals and snacks are incredible, the workouts are all explained properly and easily, and the meditations are a great help to balance it all.

I’m positive I can keep losing weight and getting more fit with Centr!”


Even while facing a unique set of medical challenges, Joshua has achieved incredible weight loss and fitness gains.

“I deal with chronic pancreatitis and I’ve had 10 abdominal procedures. I have been able to push myself to levels I’ve never dreamed possible with Centr’s well-balanced workouts – they’re designed in a way that builds your muscles equally through your body. The flexibility makes it easier to fit a workout in even with a busy schedule. When I am having a hard time getting to the gym, I can always switch to a workout I can do at home.


The app has great wellness material to help you be mentally prepared to change unhealthy habits. The food has a wonderful variety and my family loves trying the new recipes.

I’m ready to take the next step in toning my body and, despite my previous surgical procedures, to have a six-pack by the summer of 2020.”


Leo had been training on his own for some time – but without the expert knowledge to create a workout and nutrition plan, he wasn’t getting the results he was after.

“That was very frustrating, I almost gave up on getting the dream body I always wanted. However, Centr has changed that! It comes as a full package, including workout and meal plans, along with up-to-date and informative articles to enrich my fitness knowledge. Moreover, it even has a fantastic wellness element that includes meditation and sleep visualization sessions. "


"I didn’t understand how sleeping is so critical until I read about it through Centr’s blog. The sleep visualizations are so different from many of the apps out there – they’re like a kind of therapy that can actually put me to sleep.

I learned that nutrition doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself or eat boiled chicken breast every day. You still can – and deserve to – live a great life and enjoy your favorite food. The fitness part is fantastic! Luke Zocchi’s HIIT training and Da Rulk’s functional training can be very challenging, but not overwhelming.

The team truly understands that a healthy lifestyle comes from both physical and mental health.”

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