These transformations could be YOU

When you Train, Eat, Live Centr, you’re not just a member, you’re a Legend. It’s a title our members have well and truly earned with their energy, support for each other in our community and their incredible achievements using the program.

While every fitness journey is different, with unique challenges and individual goals, all of our Centr Legends have discovered that building the best version of themselves is not only possible with this program, it was easier and a lot more enjoyable than they imagined.

We went straight to the source and asked our members to tell us how they achieved results they can see and feel, inside and out. You’ll find their Centr transformations truly inspiring – and it’s your turn next!


Marian has had an “amazing journey” in her eight months with Centr – and discovered what she’s really capable of.

“Making Centr work for me was easier than I expected! My main motivation to join initially was my trouble getting to the gym when working around two young kids. The planner gives me direction and a place to keep track of my week, plus the flexibility to shift it around to suit my day, what I feel like doing, how my injuries are going and how much time I have. Compared to everything I’ve tried before, I am just so consistent and stick to it."


"I have learned loads from the food! I actually didn’t think I ate that bad before – I’m not new to fruit or veg! But I’ve learned how to fill up, fuel myself and get more protein in. It’s nothing I would consider fadish or restrictive, just a really healthy lifestyle shift.

I didn’t think I could ever look like this. I feel in the best shape of my life, better than pre-kid, mid-20s, gym-going me! I’m just looking to get stronger, fitter and keep bettering myself, inside and out.”


Jumping from fad to fad hadn’t brought Monica the results she was after. So when she heard about Centr, she thought, “Why not?”

“Between work and family, finding time to work out was a challenge. But fitting Centr into my schedule is easy! I don’t need to drive to the gym or get a home gym set-up, and I need less than an hour to work out."


"Centr educates you in the proper technique to ensure you get the results you want without injury. They educate you about nutrition, too. It’s not ‘you can’t eat this’ or ‘you can’t eat that’ – it’s more about working it into a lifestyle that will fit YOU. Once I started to understand how ingredients blend with each other and how to choose the right products, food became unbelievably easy. I have taken what I learned from the Centr chefs and incorporated it into my family’s favorites dishes – with much healthier ingredients.

And the fitness has helped in so many aspects of my life. I am stronger, I can lift my children above my head, play longer and truly enjoy it, without losing energy.

What I find most important is the Centr Team advocates self-care (mental, physical and emotional). There is absolutely no judgment on this program.

I started out on the weight loss goal. Now I want to grow muscle in order to compete in a race that requires full-body strength and cardio conditioning.”


Michele had always struggled to make time for her health and fitness. After just a few months with Centr, she and her husband Eric have transformed their lives for the better, losing a combined total of 47 pounds (23kg) and counting!

“The results were quick – within the first week, we saw substantial weight and inches lost. This program surprised us in so many ways, including the amount of information and features: recipes, blogs, workouts, meal planning, online community, even the engagement of the Centr team via social media. It's more encouraging than you can imagine."


"Centr provides healthy, affordable and easy-to-follow recipes that taste great. Portion sizes are generous and filling. The shopping list feature is so valuable. Anything that makes our crazy lives simpler earns five stars from us! The same goes for the workouts. Most are 30 minutes or less and don't require tons of equipment or a Ph.D. in physical fitness to accomplish. They can fit into any schedule and be accomplished in the privacy of our own home.

We love that Centr takes a full-body approach to health and fitness and understands the importance of mental well-being. The reminder that life is not all about seeing a certain number on the scales is refreshing.

We will soon switch to the muscle-building goal and crush it like so many of the Legends in the Centr community – it’s a privilege to watch their transformations. We plan to continue this lifestyle for the rest of our lives.”


At 52, Sue learned it’s never too late to start a health and fitness journey and gain new strength.

“The three program features – Train, Eat, Live – have been instrumental in my ability to make this a lifestyle, not a quick fix, fad or diet.

The exercises are so diverse: weights, yoga, HIIT, boxing, Pilates, MMA. The nutrition has been a game-changer. No deprivation, just delicious, filling meals and snacks which have without a doubt fueled the changes in my body, my energy, and my life! And the blogs, meditations, and technique videos have given me a wealth of information and practical ways to relax and deal with any issues that come up."


"Centr has given me structure AND flexibility. I can pick a workout of varying length or intensity, I can do a full or no-equipment workout: there is never an excuse not to train! I want to build more muscle tone and manage 10 consecutive pull-ups – and with Centr I know I’ll get there.

Centr has shown me anything is possible. Follow the program, do the exercises, prepare the meals and take support from the Facebook community and you can achieve your goals.”

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