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This is how a Legend got results with Centr

Centr Team

If you told Lácoln Holenstein this time last year that she could indulge in brownies and treats and still sport a set of abs, she would have laughed in your face. With the help of Centr and her determination to improve her lifestyle, a lot has changed in just one year. To celebrate our one year birthday, we sat down and spoke to Lácoln about how she fell in love with exercise, found her confidence without sacrificing her sweet tooth, and is loving the fact her body fat percentage now puts her in the “athlete” category. Incidentally, we caught her just after she baked some pumpkin bread.

Q: Lovely to speak to you Lácoln. Tell us about yourself!
Lácoln: Hello guys! I’m 30 years old from Switzerland. I’m an Airport Service Worker and I have a HUGE sweet tooth.

Q: What was your lifestyle like before Centr?
Lácoln: Well firstly, I really didn’t have any understanding of food. That doesn’t help when you like sugar so much. I’ve always carried extra weight, not huge, but I was never satisfied with it. My wake up call came when I was on holiday in Singapore with my mom. When I saw the photos that my mom took of me, I was finally driven to do something about it.

I tried a couple of fitness apps but always felt like the jump from beginner to intermediate was too big. I’d tried to exercise three times a week but I always felt lethargic and it was just hard to get motivated.

Q: How did you find out about Centr?
Lácoln: I’m not going to lie, I started following Chris Hemsworth on Instagram. Who wouldn’t, right? That’s when I saw a video about Centr and decided to try it out.

Q: And what did you think about it?
Lácoln: The first thing I noticed straight away was how relatable all the trainers were. They’re so charming and encouraging and they all have their own style. It really felt like they were in the room with me when I trained and that made a huge difference.

Q: Tell us about your amazing transformation.
Lácoln: I’ve gone from 171lb (77kg) to 141lb (63kg). Exercise used to feel like a chore. Now it’s completely part of my lifestyle. I never would have believed this, but training is like a drug for me now. I work out 5 days a week at the gym using my phone and then 1-2 days at home to do yoga and Pilates. If I don’t train, I don’t feel right anymore.

Before and after progress photos of Centr member Lácoln Holenstein's fat loss and muscle growth.

But the biggest change has probably happened in the kitchen! I went from eating junk food to actually cooking amazing recipes with all kinds of ingredients. I still remember the first bite of my hummus and beetroot wrap. It was like a flavor explosion in my mouth!

Q: Got a favorite workout?
Lácoln: Hmmm, that’s a hard one. I might have to go with sit-thrus! The fact that I even did them on holiday in South Africa in 104F (40C) heat tells you something right haha.

Q: What have you enjoyed most about using Centr?
Lácoln: I love all the different ways to train. When there’s so much variety, it just keeps things so interesting. In any given week, I could be boxing with Michael, getting stronger with Ashley, doing yoga with Tahl or Pilates with Sylvia.

As much as I love the trainers and workouts, I have to say the best thing is that I can still satisfy my sweet tooth! I was always an avid baker and now I can indulge in treats that are actually healthy. Matcha brownies, almond brownies, pumpkin bread, gingerbread…it’s great to not have that ‘I’m not allowed to have that’ feeling anymore.

Centr member Lácoln Holenstein stands in a bikini by the pool.

Q: What’s surprised you the most about your journey?
Lácoln: That I actually did it! I’ve literally overhauled my whole lifestyle to revolve around exercise and healthy eating. I’m more energized and I actually look forward to cooking now. When I see my recent bikini photos, I just have the biggest smile on my face.

I also didn’t realize how much of a difference it makes when you actually have support and people pushing you on. My journey has been a lot easier with the Centr community. There are people there from all over the world from all age groups. Everyone is different there but we all share a common goal – to improve our health and lifestyle. And we all help each other stay on track.

Q. Where to from here? Any new goals for 2020?
Lácoln: Well, initially I just wanted to look better in a bikini! But it’s so much more than that now. This year, I want to take my fitness to a crazy level and keep pushing my limits. Push-ups used to scare me. Now I can do 30 comfortably. I really want to master the handstand and take on more challenges like Centr 6.

Q. Any final words before we let you go to enjoy your baked treats?
Lácoln: Yes! I’d like to thank my mother for being my number one supporter since day one! And of course, Chris Hemsworth and his whole team for helping me completely change my lifestyle.

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