Luke Zocchi demonstrates a high-impact jump squat, while Ashley Joi demonstrates a low-impact squat.
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Do low-impact workouts get high-intensity cardio results?

Centr Team

Centr Unleashed is the no-equipment, all-bodyweight, 6-week home workout program that incorporates HIIT and HILIT training styles.

We’ve already given you the lowdown on Unleashed, but what exactly are HIIT and HILIT and what will they do for you? Let’s break it down...

Ashley Joi and Luke Zocchi show off some of the bodyweight moves from Centr Unleashed.


You’ve probably heard of HIIT – it stands for high-intensity interval training.

So what is it?

HIIT breaks up your workout into working phases and resting phases. During the working phase, you perform the prescribed exercise at your maximum intensity, usually for a period of 20-60 seconds. During the rest phase, you catch your breath and rest your muscles. In bodyweight training, this might look like performing burpees for 40 seconds, then resting or shaking it out for 20 seconds, before moving onto the next exercise.

Who is HIIT for?

Because we all have our own version of ‘high intensity’ anybody can give HIIT a go. Because there’s no set number of reps of an exercise, you just perform as many as you can in the set time period.

What are some common HIIT exercises?

HIIT training can include any type of exercise – cardio, strength, plyometric, using bodyweight or weights. It’s just about doing as many reps of each exercise as you can in the working phase.

What are the benefits?

By really pushing yourself during HIIT training, you’re maximizing fat burn, improving your cardio and muscle endurance and developing work capacity. The other big benefit of high-intensity training is that workouts don’t have to be long to get results – Centr Unleashed workouts run for 25-30 minutes.

Ashley Joi and Luke Zocchi show off some of the bodyweight moves from Centr Unleashed.


It may be lesser known than HIIT, but HILIT – high-intensity low-impact training – is growing in popularity all the time. Heads up: just because it’s low-impact doesn’t mean it’s easy!

So what is it?

HILIT gets you working at your highest intensity with full-body movements across work and rest phases, but reduces the load and force of these movements to have a lower impact on your joints.

Who is HILIT for?

Not only is HILIT for anybody of any fitness level, it makes effective high-intensity exercise more accessible for those who may have problem joints (e.g. knees, wrists), a bad back, are recovering from injury, or need to minimize the risk of injury. It’s also a good entry point to fitness for those carrying excess weight or who are new to exercise.

What are some common HILIT exercises?

Where HIIT can involve jumping or plyometric movements such as burpees, with HILIT you never have both feet off the ground. Bodyweight HILIT moves include mountain climbers, planks, walking lunges and some modifications – e.g. instead of jumping your legs back and forward in a burpee, step out the movement.

What are the benefits?

You still get the heart-pumping, fat-burning, cardio-boosting benefits of HIIT exercise, just without the stress on your joints.

Is one better than the other?

Both HIIT and HILIT can push your muscles and your heart to YOUR maximum work rate to build strength and endurance and burn calories. And while there can be a lot of crossover between the two, the main difference is the removal of plyometric (or explosive) movements in HILIT.

The inclusion of plyometric exercises in HIIT can improve strength, power, and speed by rapidly lengthening and shortening muscles in a jumping motion. This can have big benefits for athletes in sports such as sprinting, basketball, and football.

The downside of plyometric exercises is the risk of injury – not just for those with existing conditions, but also beginners who may not have the correct form or a base level of muscle strength.

By removing rapid force and stress on joints, HILIT minimizes this risk of injury and may allow you to be more consistent with your workouts – with no time out required for treatment or recovery.

With Centr Unleashed, your trainers Luke Zocchi and Ashley Joi give you the best of both worlds – mixing HIIT and HILIT bodyweight movements into highly effective bodyweight workouts, and offering low-impact modifications for any HIIT exercises.

So if you want to work out at home, Unleashed has all your bases covered. Join Centr today to start getting results with Unleashed.

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