Turkey, beef and vegetarian burgers from the Centr meal plan.
Centr Team

5 burger recipes to make you forget about takeout

Centr Team

You want burgers? Oh, we've got burgers. Beef burgers. Vegan burgers. Brand new turkey burgers... Like the beat, the burgers go on. But we won't because we know you want to eat burgers, like NOW.

So in honor of International Burger Day, here are 5 of the best, most in-demand burger recipes from our Centr chefs. And guess what? These burgers are healthy so you can burger on, dudes!

Dan Churchill's Turkey Burger with Hummus from the Centr meal plan.

Dan Churchill's Turkey Burger with Hummus

Don't wait until Thanksgiving or Christmas to fill up on turkey. Make it a casual affair with Dan's Healthy Turkey Burger, brand new to the Centr burger line-up. These buns are loaded up with colorful veg and a surprise condiment.

Centr's Beef Burger with Salad is a healthier version of your favorite takeout burger.

Beef Burger with Salad

It's the classic, the go-to, the reigning champ of burgers. So fire up the grill, grab your hot sriracha sauce and chow down safe in the knowledge that this Beef Burger can be part of your health and fitness regimen.

Get spicy with Centr's Cajun Chicken Burger.

Cajun Chicken Burger

Is your usual burger rotation starting to lack bite? Spice it up with our new chicken burger, which comes with a serious Cajun flavor kick. You won't have to wait long – it only takes about 20 minutes to prepare!

Dan Churchill's Salmon Burgers with Quick Slaw are as delicious as they are nutritious.

Dan Churchill's Salmon Burgers with Quick Slaw

Dan's crumbed salmon patties are a revelation, but it's the homemade Quick Slaw that turns up the volume at this flavor party. Tell your tastebuds to get their dancing shoes on.

Simon Hill's Mexican Black Bean Burger is a hit with Centr members on the vegetarian meal plan.

Simon Hill's Mexican Black Bean Burger

Simon's plant-based Mexican Black Bean Burger has been a hit with Centr members from day one – vegan and non-vegan alike! There's a lot of flavor packed into these vegan patties – the spicy smashed avo and tomato salsa just takes it over the top.


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