Chris Hemsworth in a satirical meditation pose, on a sunny mountain.
Centr Team

Chris Hemsworth is here to save your 2020 (no guarantees)

Centr Team

Oh, 2020. What a year EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. of it has been. And with 17 years of 2020 still to go, it may be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

What you need is something to shift your mind away from the dumpster fire, toward a happier and more positive perspective. You may have seen Centr founder Chris Hemsworth’s YouTube affirmations that positively, absolutely, probably (most likely) won’t make your 2020 worse. Maybe they’ve helped you already.

Well, there’s more where that came from! Chris set us a mission to provide 5 mindfulness strategies to overcome some of the biggest hurdles this year has thrown our way – and with each strategy, he’s recorded a motivational, nay, inspirational affirmation EXCLUSIVELY for Centr members. Want to check them out? Start your free trial today.

1. Celebrate the small wins

Your team didn’t win the championship. In fact, there wasn’t even a season. We hear you! When your best-laid plans go out the window (or you’re stuck in quarantine with a window that won’t even open), you have to celebrate the small wins. “Why bother?” you may ask. Well, think about small wins as tiny steps towards your goals – a new good habit, positive progress, the motivational boost you need to keep going.

So get up, brush your hair, go outside! That’s a win in itself. We know it’s weird out there and jeans are terribly uncomfortable (were they always like that?), but you can do it. Chris has an affirmation that will help.

2. Remember that you are resilient

How many times have you run out of toilet paper this year and had to cope? We humans are a tough, resourceful and inventive species. When the universe gave us lemons, we responded by baking sourdough and banana bread, which you don’t even need lemons to make. Take that, universe! (There was also that celebrity singalong of Imagine, but we’ve repressed that memory.)

For an anytime reminder of just how resilient you are, Chris has a visualization to transport you to a place where the TP is soft and you’re in control.

Chris Hemsworth's affirmations that positively, absolutely (probably) won't make your 2020 worse.

Have you listened to Chris's YouTube affirmations yet?

3. Know good things are coming your way

The chatbot has assured us that while your delivery of a sparkling new 2021 may be delayed/in transit/at the Singapore depot/totally lost, it will be delivered within the 3 business days to infinity window.

Look, we know it’s easy to get caught up in the doom and gloom of your social media feed and start believing that nothing good will ever happen. So when it all gets too overwhelming, stop… and choose a positive portal for distraction, like your favorite shopping app! Join Chris for an affirmation that will manifest ALL THE THINGS in your mailbox. (With free express shipping.)

4. When you can’t go out, go within

Virtual backgrounds on Zoom were entertaining for about, ooh, 8 seconds. But now we’d like to go to a REAL tropical island, thank you very much. We’d probably even Bear Grylls it at this point – eat bugs, catch fish with our teeth, watch Netflix on a small screen – just to escape these same four walls. Sigh.

When you can’t go out, take your mind to a place you’d rather be. No, not by drinking that out-of-date milk in the fridge, but with the power of visualization. Take a detour and discover the world within via this affirmation from Chris.

5. There is power in zooming out

Remember those early-pandemic photos of monkeys taking over the streets of Thailand? We imagine that’s what our offices are like now – slowly being reclaimed by nature. We just hope the monkeys aren’t leaving empty toilet paper rolls on the holder. Ugh, so annoying.

Anyway, remember when offices were a thing? Now our work lives play out in little boxes on video calls. Which is great for not wearing pants, but not so great for hiding double chins. Trying to look ‘switched on’ for the camera is exhausting. So why not discover the power of switching off? Chris has an affirmation that will help. Hit mute, turn off your camera and just… relax. Your boss told us it’s one of your KPIs this quarter. But now we think about it, that may have been your new monkey overlord…

To receive these 5 extra boosts of emotional support from Chris, all you need to do is become a member at Then you’ll be armed and ready with an affirmation whenever 2020 needs to be put back in its place.

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