Chris Hemsworth wearing a blue shirt on the beach, looking away from the camera.
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The ultimate beginners' guide to meditation, with Chris Hemsworth

Centr Team

Chris Hemsworth has learned a thing or two about training his body over the years, now he wants to help you build a stronger mind. If you’re feeling tired, overwhelmed, or stressed, a meditation routine can help.

As Chris says: “Just like daily exercise keeps your body strong and flexible, your mind benefits from regular training.”

You can kickstart your new meditation habit with Learn to Meditate, a 7-day series for beginners narrated by Chris Hemsworth exclusive to Centr. Not a Centr member yet? Start your free trial today at

“For me, strength is about more than just muscle – which is why Centr covers fitness, food, and wellness. Want bigger biceps? Get lifting. Want to get stronger mentally? Meditation is the key,” says Chris. “That’s why I’m narrating Centr’s Learn to Meditate series. In less than 10 minutes a day, you can start a new habit and get the tools you need for a calmer, healthier mind."

Want a preview of the Learn to Meditate series? Listen in as Chris explains how it works.

How to start meditating with Chris

Throughout the Learn to Meditate series, you’ll meditate alongside Chris for 7 days to build your ability and understanding, with a new style of beginner meditation delivered each day.

“We all get stressed, uptight, or overwhelmed, and need help shaking it off,” says Chris. “There are many different ways to relax your body and mind – starting with just your breath.”

Crafted by meditation coaches and narrated by Chris, each meditation is designed to give you practical tools to deal with different situations – from firing up to finding calm.

The meditation themes you’ll cover across the week are:

  • Stress release

  • Sleep visualization

  • Breathing

  • Focus

  • Motivation

  • Body scan

  • Peak performance

When the series is complete, you’ll have access to the hundreds of meditations and sleep visualizations already on Centr to keep you moving forward.

Give your mind a workout and discover the benefits of meditation with Learn to Meditate, available exclusively to Centr members.


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