Chris Hemsworth's stuntman Bobby Holland Hanton has cut fat and built muscle with the 10-week progra
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5 real weight lifting transformations from Centr Power

Centr Team

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The amazing results you see in the image at the top of this page belong to Bobby Holland Hanton, Chris Hemsworth’s go-to stuntman and Thor double. He’s your training buddy for Centr Power, the program designed by Chris and his personal trainer Luke Zocchi. It’s inspired by the same practical training style for muscle building they’ve refined over years of getting Chris into shape for the big screen.

But you don’t have to be an A-list stuntman like Bobby to transform your body with Centr Power. We wanted to show you the results that everyday people have achieved in their first 10 weeks with the program.

Their transformations (both physical and mental) will give you the motivation you need to start your Centr Power journey today.

Abimael B had his biggest transformation in years

Centr member Abimael shows off his impressive 10-week Centr Power transformation.

After more than a year without access to the gym, the doors opened up just in time for Abimael to relaunch his fitness routine with Centr Power.

I really trusted the process, and the results are showing.

“I really trusted the process, and the results are showing. I’ve had so many good experiences with Centr, but I wanted to share what has been the biggest transformation I've had in years of training.”

He’s still giving it his all, and hopes his results will inspire others to try the program. “I hope I can be an incentive for someone else, who maybe started Centr but is not feeling confident. Believe it! Run after it and get it done!”

Akiko S got stronger than ever

Centr member Akiko shows off a leaner and fitter physique as the result of training with Centr Power.

Akiko has focused on using resistance training for her health and strength goals for years. So when Centr Power launched, she was driven by “pure curiosity” to give it a go.

The rewards were far greater than I ever imagined.

It turned out to be the best strength training program she’s ever done. “I always get good results when I lift, so I knew Power would have rewards for me if I put 100% focus into it. Those rewards were far greater than I ever imagined.

I really trusted the process, and the results are showing.

Akiko’s initial goal was to shift what she calls “my COVID-19 lbs” with the program. Now she’s more intent on celebrating the strength gains she achieved with the program, especially with her shoulder press.

“My average shoulder press weight was always 15lbs and I was proud of it – not too many girls can lift that much to begin with. But I couldn’t go up any more than that, even though I worked out hard. With this program, I went up to 20lbs at week 8 and I actually finished at 25lbs. Centr Power got me out of the comfort zone I didn’t even know I was in.”

Mark found his inner superhero

Mark’s physique changed dramatically after just 10 weeks training with Centr Power.

The inspiration for Mark’s Centr Power journey: his son’s request that Dad dress up as Thor for Halloween. When October 31 came around he filled out that costume, no padding required.

I’m lifting the heaviest weights I've ever lifted.

“When [my son] told me I had Thor arms, it made me feel like all the work I've put in is worth it. Waking up at 4 every morning to get the workout in before a 10–12 hour shift at work gets exhausting, but to hear him say that motivated me to keep going.”

Superhero biceps aren’t the only gains Mark has racked up.

“The pictures show progress, but they don't show 100% the actual gains I have made with Power. I definitely feel stronger. I’m lifting the heaviest weights I've ever lifted, and I’m already onto round 2. I love the program and I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to not do it!”

Alexander built serious muscle AND confidence

These before-and-after images show that Alexander dropped fat and added lean mass with Centr Power.

Alexander says he couldn’t have achieved his results without the high-protein recipes on Centr.

“I take a lot of inspiration from Centr meals. I like the Sheet Pan Spanish Chicken a lot, the Braised Chicken with Vegetables, Spicy Chicken Pho, and Cashew Chicken Stir-fry.”

This is by far the biggest transformation I've ever achieved.

By following the Centr Power programming and nutrition guides, he is in the kind of shape he hasn’t seen since he was training to compete in a half marathon.

“My physique is significantly better at this weight than it was last time thanks to muscle-building. My confidence is growing each day. Not only have I dropped weight, but I've added lean mass – I've put a quarter of an inch on my arms since starting. This is by far the biggest transformation I've ever achieved. Nothing else has come close, and I'm not finished!”

He’s been cheered on through his Power journey by his brother and the Centr community. “My brother has been a huge motivation to me, he really stoked my flames to get back after it. I absolutely love the Centr community and how those who post regularly do so much to uplift each other. I know they would hold me accountable if I fell off the wagon.”

Phil has never felt more energized

Phil packed on serious muscle by training with Centr Power.

Since starting Centr Power, the progress Phil was already making with functional training expert Da Rulk and HIIT HIRT Strength workouts with Luke Zocchi has gone into overdrive. He has lost weight, gained muscle and definition (especially in his chest), and his confidence is booming.

Now I have a family and know I can always keep up because I am living a healthy lifestyle.

“My motivation is to be a better version of myself every day. I remember when I was overweight and man, it was hard to breathe and I lacked confidence. Now I have a family and know I can always keep up because I am living a healthy lifestyle.”

He’s planning on sticking with Power until the next big Centr challenge comes along.

Now we want to see YOUR transformation

Centr Power caters to all levels of fitness, strength and lifting experience – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced – with exercise tutorials, nutrition handbooks and expert advice to keep you on track. So whether you’re completely new to weight lifting, you’ve hit a plateau, or just want to get out of your comfort zone, this is the muscle-building program for you.

Ready to follow in the footsteps of Chris Hemsworth and these inspiring members to build serious muscle, strength and size? Centr Power is the only muscle-building program you need.


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