Chris Hemsworth

Chris hand-picked his 5 favorite smoothies for you

Chris Hemsworth

Chris's favorite piece of workout equipment actually lives in the kitchen: the blender. If you've been around a while, you already know that he likes to get creative and whip up his own recipes. Remember the time Chris and Luke went head to head in the smoothie blend-off to end all smoothie blend-offs? Or how about the time he called an early end to one of Zocchi's workouts to smash his Infinite smoothie?

Chris is the first to acknowledge that he's not the best smoothie chef in the Centr Team – which is why he mostly leaves it to the experts. We ambushed him in the kitchen and asked him to give us his top 5 smoothies for any occasion, from breakfast fuel to post-workout protein.


Breakfast: Almond & Blueberry Smoothie

"When Zocchi demands I get up early for a workout, this quick glass of goodness gives me the energy I need to out-perform him in every way. It also works for early morning set calls or surfing. But mostly for beating Zocchi."


Vitamin boost: Chris's Infinite Smoothie

"I know I said my team knows best when it comes to smoothies, but sometimes my messing around in the kitchen pays off."


Snack: Banana & Peanut Butter Snack Smoothie

"Snack sized but powerful, just like Zocc!"


Dessert: Chocolate Avocado Smoothie

"Still craving smoothies after dinner? This is my go-to when I'm bulking for a movie."


Post-workout: Sergio’s Salted Caramel Super Smoothie

"Post-workout ice bath or a chilled smoothie? While I have been known to take an icy dip, option B is a whole lot easier to enjoy."

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