Alexz Parvi

HILIT: How Alexz’s low-impact workouts get results

Alexz Parvi

Alexz Parvi’s HILIT on Centr is the low-impact workout that your downstairs neighbors, and your knees, will thank you for.

“I’m bringing HILIT to Centr because that's what I love to do,” says Alexz. “It's efficient, it's quick, and it's gonna tone your entire body. I’ll light your muscles on fire and get you laughing at least once in each workout. We'll work together. You'll burn. You'll feel good.”

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of your new favorite style of exercise, with your new favorite trainer.

Alexz Parvi demonstrates a low-impact step out exercise.

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What is a high-intensity, low-impact workout?

Alexz is the expert, so we’ll let her spell it out for you.

“HILIT stands for high-intensity low-impact training. It’s been around a lot longer than you might think, it just has a fancy little name now. I like to explain it as really similar to HIIT, but without so much bouncing.”

That means high-impact exercises such as jumping jacks, burpees and squat jumps are modified to be low-impact, or subbed out for other exercises. (Alexz guarantees her Bodyweight HILIT workouts are 100 percent burpee-free!) The great thing is, less impact doesn’t mean lesser results, as Alexz explains.

“HILIT is probably best described as training designed to create optimal tone and definition while minimizing the impact on your joints and body. So you can still bring the intensity to lose weight and get great definition, but you can also really pay attention to your form and your alignment to understand what works for your body.”

Alexz’s unique style of HILIT blends aspects of the different styles she has studied over the years, including Pilates, barre and functional training.

“It's designed to do all the same things as a HIIT workout, but I'm gonna take out the impact, create a little bit more burn, and keep that heart rate a little bit more stable. You can expect anything from curtsy lunges, glute bridge pulses, to alternating arms, squats and heel raises. We’ll be doing a lot of things that are all really fun and all very effective.”

Want to try some of Alexz’s signature low-impact moves? Check out 10 of our favorites.

Alexz Parvi performs a forward lunge while holding dumbbells overhead.

Alexz’s HILIT with dumbbells takes out the bounce but keeps the burn.

The big benefits of Alexz’s low-impact home workouts

We asked Alexz to break down the big benefits you can get from her anytime, anywhere style of training.

1. Get a full-body burn
“Is it getting hot in here, or is it just my signature style of training? Burn through your glutes, burn through your core, burn through your arms… this is what we’re working for. Because I love full-body exercises, you’re going to see a lot of definition through the arms, stomach and glutes, because we are using those muscles all the time.”

2. Crush your cardio
“You do not need to bounce to increase your heart rate. I'm telling you that right now. To REALLY get your heart rate up – which builds cardio fitness, endurance and burns fat – I love longer sets with shorter rest breaks. And if you make those breaks ‘active rest’ then you’re always working.”

3. Pump the posterior chain
“A huge benefit of HILIT is improved alignment through your posterior chain – the muscles on the back side of your body that power your movement. From your lower back to your glutes, hamstrings and down to your calves, everything stays nice and straight and you get great muscle activation. When you take the impact out of exercise and focus on good form and alignment, you can really get a sense of what your body is doing. The muscles switch on and you can burn it up!”

4. Anyone can do it!
“I can tell you from experience that these workouts are small-apartment friendly. No jumping means no thudding on the floor and no angry downstairs neighbors. Honestly, the benefits of HILIT are endless, but the biggest one for me is that anyone at any age and of any fitness level or ability can do it. I am super passionate about using modifications, so whether you have sore joints, are totally new to fitness, or you’re just not quite ready to do certain moves, anyone can do my workouts.”

Alexz Parvi

Pocket rocket Alexz Parvi’s HILIT circuits will make you sweat and shake to shape, define and tone. Certified personal trainer and founder of cult fitness studio Hustl in Australia’s Byron Bay and Gold Coast, she’s also a certified teacher of barre, and mat and reformer Pilates.

Alexz Parvi

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