Angie Asche

When Dan met Angie: your new food expert is here

Angie Asche

Pop quiz: What do you have in common with NFL players, Olympic figure skaters and ultramarathon runners?

Answer: You have the same dietitian – Centr’s nutrition expert Angie Asche.

Angie is here to help you build a positive relationship with what’s on your plate. From regular features in your Planner to Q&As in the Centr community (get your food questions ready), your go-to nutrition expert will dish out advice to fuel your performance and sidestep food confusion.

Of course, we wouldn’t settle for any old dietitian. Angie is a qualified personal trainer who works out as hard as Da Rulk and crushes a deadlift with as much fire as Ashley. She's also a passionate foodie, lover of the outdoors AND a mother to baby Mia. (Awww!)

With Angie on your side, there will be no more falling for nutrition myths, getting confused by numbers or losing your love for food.

So are you ready to nail your nutrition as hard as you nail your workouts? Dan Churchill sat down with Angie to help you get to know your Centr dietitian.

Can’t wait to get a taste of Angie’s expertise? Check out her go-to nutrition hacks for every fitness goal.


Welcome to the team, Angie!

Dan: Angie, it's good to hang out.

Angie: It is great to hang out with you, Dan!

Dan: OK, let’s get the official stuff out of the way – talk to me about your food mantra. What should Centr Legends expect from you when it comes to powering their plates?

Angie: When it comes to food, I'm all about nourishment over numbers. I try to educate my clients and athletes to focus on how food is nourishing you, both mind and body, instead of focusing on the numbers – like the calories and macros. So that's what you'll get from me!

Dan: Couldn't agree more. Now I have to point out that as well as being a dietitian, you’re also a certified exercise physiologist and personal trainer. Does this make you the complete package?

Angie: Being a competitive dancer and swimmer growing up I became really fascinated by the impact that eating foods would have on my performance. They’ve always gone together for me. With that holistic view of nutrition as well as training, I’m really excited to help members understand how one affects the other. I live for that moment where I see it ‘click’ for someone and the results start flowing.

Dan: I’ve seen you doing some pretty badass deadlifts. What’s your favorite piece of equipment in the gym?

Angie: Show me the barbell! I run a lot, and I still love swimming, but when I hit the gym it’s all about strength training. I’ll use dumbbells, a slam ball, kettlebell, but the barbell is No.1. Stay with me here Dan, but I’m seeing a bonus workout in Centr’s future where we join forces to do one round bodyweight, one round strength, and one round whipping up the perfect post-workout smoothie.


As a qualified personal trainer and keen lifter, Angie kept her hands on the barbell during pregnancy.

Dan: I’m in! Where else will Legends see you popping up?

Angie: I’m looking forward to being in the community as often as I can, answering all of your questions – the trickier the better! I’ll be in your Centr Planner, we might do some fun things on the socials… However I can help support your goals, I will be there.

Dan: Okay, I'm going to throw a curveball at you here: if you were a food, what would you be?

Angie: If I were a food?

Dan: Come on! You're on the clock here. Five, four...

Angie: An avocado.

Dan: Oh, why?

Angie: Well, first of all, because they're one of my favorite foods. They're creamy. They're delicious. And if we’re talking about nourishment over numbers, when you look at avocados, a lot of times they're demonized because they're so high in fat and calories. But they are also so nutritious, with vitamin E, fiber, all this great stuff. So there – I think I’ve picked a good one.

Dan: What is your treat meal? Let’s say it's the weekend, you’ve had a long week, all you want to do is eat crap. What are you reaching for?

Angie: Oh, gosh. You're going to think this is boring, but I'm going to say tacos, with chips and guac, and a margarita. All of it together.


Sort the nutrition facts from the fads with Angie’s help.

Dan: So treat foods in general – are you a fan?

Angie: It’s really important that you enjoy food, and part of that should be treating yourself sometimes. For me, it’s chocolate. I make a point to have some a few times every week. Healthy eating is about finding balance in your diet, including these treat foods that you love every now and then so you’re not depriving yourself. A healthy lifestyle is one that you can stick to. And what is life without chocolate?

Dan: You're stranded on an island. What is one food that you need an endless supply of on that island, because you cannot live without it? And you can’t say chocolate.

Angie: I love bread. That's the first thing that came into my head. You know I love bread, it’s so satisfying. But I'm going to have to say fruit. Because you can get a good variety with fruit – you've got your berries, bananas, oranges. I could live off fruit until someone came to rescue me.

Dan: I think we were really excited by your first answer! Let’s go back to the bread. Do you want it toasted, or freshly baked with olive oil?

Angie: I didn't know I could bring a dipping sauce to this island! Now I know that, I'm bringing some olive oil, maybe a rosemary focaccia, fresh out of the oven… If it's any kind of bread, that's where I'm at.


When she’s not helping you reach your goals, Angie loves to unplug and get outdoors. (Not pictured: her backpack of portable snacks.)

Dan: So, let’s get real. Who is your favorite Centr expert?

Angie: Did you put this question on the list?

Dan: No…

Angie: I think you did. But now that you ask, I'd have to say Ashley. Her workouts are fantastic and her energy is so infectious.

Dan: (Looking forlorn) Cool. I mean, I get it. Ashley’s great and I’m very happy for her. Anyway, moving on. Why are you excited to join the team?

Angie: The thing that drew me to Centr is how you and the entire team interact with the community. You guys are so fun, and Chris and the team have really set this program apart with Train, Eat, Live – Centr combines all three. It's a trifecta that I think provides the community with so much. It is awesome to be a part of it.

Dan: So nothing to do with being able to cook with certain people, or…?

Angie: Oh of course, getting to hang out with Dan Churchill is right up there.


Can’t wait to get a taste of Angie’s expertise? Check out her go-to nutrition tips for every fitness goal.

Dan: I'll take it. Okay, serious question. Have you always wanted to be a dietitian?

Angie: Ever since I was 14 years old. I was in high school when I learned what a sports dietitian was. I've been passionate about exercise and fitness ever since. And obviously, super passionate about food.

Dan: That's epic. I came a little later to my food awakening, but I’m so glad I did. Now that you’re part of the team, what are you absolutely pumped to teach the Centr community?

Angie: I am so excited to break up a lot of the myths and the misconceptions around nutrition. There is just so much misinformation out there, and it's really confusing to try to dig through it all on your own. So, I'm ready to jump in and be a part of this community and try to eliminate some of that confusion.

Dan: Well, I'm pumped to have you here, and to be your favorite Centr expert.

Angie: Second favorite.

Dan: I’m already dreaming up new chocolate treats that will change your mind. Welcome to Centr, Angie Asche, our awesome new dietitian!

Keep an eye out for nutrition advice from Angie in your Planner. She'll also be answering some of your most burning food questions in the Centr community.

Angie Asche

Sports dietitian Angie Asche will power your plate with no-nonsense food advice. Founder of Eleat Sports Nutrition, Angie works with MLB, NFL and NHL athletes to get the best from their bodies. With a Masters of Science in Nutrition & Physical Performance, and as a certified exercise physiologist and personal trainer, she’s got the expertise you need to achieve your goals.

Angie Asche

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