Centr Team

New feature: your workout, your music

Centr Team

You asked, we answered: we’re handing over the audio controls on your Centr workouts.

How does it work?

Need a pump-up playlist to get you firing, prefer to focus on your trainer’s encouragement and form, or want a classic Centr session? With our new audio feature, the choice is yours.

When you open a workout video, look for the musical note icon. Depending on the workout, when you tap it you will be able to choose from the following audio options:

  • Music, trainer & beeps – hear your trainer’s coaching, beep cues and the Centr soundtrack.
  • Trainer & beeps – play your own music (e.g. from Spotify or Apple Music), plus your trainer and beep cues.
  • Music & beeps – the Centr soundtrack and beep cues, but no trainer.
  • Just trainers – play your own music and listen to your trainer.
  • Just beeps – your own music plus beep cues.

When can I use it?

Whether you’re on iOS, Android or web, get ready to rock your Centr workout your way.

These new audio options are available now on:

  • New Planner workouts

  • Centr Ignite

  • Centr Unlimited

  • Centr Unleashed

We’ll continue to roll out this feature across all Centr workouts to keep you moving in the way that works for YOU.

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