Chris Hemsworth rests during a tough boxing workout, after using a Centr meditation to achieve bette
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6 tough moments when meditation can help

Centr Team

The first step towards nailing that thing you're worried about? Hitting play on a performance meditation.

Chris Hemsworth created Centr to share his access to world-class health and well-being resources with everybody, and meditation is a key part of the package. “Just like daily exercise keeps your body strong and flexible, your mind benefits from regular training,” he says.

Narrated by Centr's experts, these performance meditations will help you build mental strength, tap into resilience when you need it, and get amped up before your workouts.

A relay runner holding a relay stick is poised to leap off the starting blocks.

Before a tough workout: Explosive energy

In this 4-minute meditation, professional bodybuilder Torre will help you to unlock a positive and focused state of mind so you can get the most out of your training session.

Michael Olajide Jr. does a boxing workout with dumbbells in his hands.

When you've got a tight deadline: Find your flow state

Have you ever been so absorbed by a task that you feel like you've tapped into a vein of pure clarity, concentration and creativity? Researchers call this a 'flow state', and former pro boxer Michael will help you find yours in this meditation.

A plant in the foreground partially obscures a computer screen that displays an online meeting with dozens of people.

If you're too tightly wound to be productive: Stress release at work

Work piling up and stress creeping in? Take 5 minutes at your desk to stop it in its tracks. Simply pop in your headphones and hit play – no one at work even needs to know.

A sign on a wall shows an arrow indicating an upwards direction on an illustrated set of stairs.

When you need to stop procrastinating: Get things done

You've got things to do, but you can't bring yourself to start. When you're feeling stuck, this meditation will help you find the motivation to get it done (whatever it is).

A powerful ocean wave as seen from above.

Before an important event: Access your power

Big meeting, job interview or presentation coming up? It's about time you realized just how powerful and capable you really are. Get ready to move mountains with this 5-minute pep talk.

Chris Hemsworth stares wistfully into the distance.

When you've got an early meeting, but you can’t get to sleep: Visualization with Chris Hemsworth

Sleep is vital to our overall well-being and performance. Follow Chris's voice into a deep and restorative slumber, and discover the rest of the Learn to Meditate series by signing up for your free trial with Centr.


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