Centr founder Chris Hemsworth hangs from a rope over open space, as part of Limitless, the show.
Centr Team

Follow in Chris Hemsworth’s footsteps with the Limitless Challenge

Centr Team

Chris took on six of the toughest tests of his life for his series Limitless with Chris Hemsworth from National Geographic.

Now, it’s your turn.

Chris is sharing what he learned from leading experts, doctors, and scientists and asking you to step up with the Limitless Challenge, available exclusively on Centr.

Over 2 weeks, we’re bringing you tools designed to help you live a healthier, longer life:

Are you in? Let’s push the limits! Wherever you post, use the hashtag #LimitlesswithCentr.

A graphic showing the schedule of the Centr Limitless challenge overlaid on a photo of Chris Hemsworth hanging from a rope over open space.

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