Chris Hemsworth completes a workout to add minutes to the Moves that Matter Campaign.
Centr Team

How Centr members made Moves That Matter in 2023

Centr Team

In 2023, Centr members’ moves made a difference – not just in their everyday life, but for 37,500 kids in high-need communities.

As a part of our Moves That Matter initiative, every minute spent with Centr doing sit-ups, blitzing smoothies and listening to Soundscapes was turned into a donation to Good Sports, helping kids in need embrace the power of play.

And wow, did our members clock up the minutes: 300 million of them, in fact. That’s 5.45 million workouts, 2.23 million recipes, 1.09 million meditations, and endless opportunities for lasting change.

How did smashing workouts and sipping smoothies help?

Quick recap: as our members collectively worked out and used Centr for nutrition and mindfulness in 2023, we dedicated funds to our partner Good Sports.

Good Sports is a not-for-profit organization that drives equitable access to youth sports and physical activity across the US, supporting children to achieve their greatest potential on the field and in life.

You may have seen our founder Chris Hemsworth surprise a Miami school with a donation of equipment during the year, but that’s not the only organization that got a boost.

Centr founder Chris Hemsworth performs a plank with some students from the SEED School Miami.

Take a trip back to the classroom with Chris as he visits the SEED School Miami.

  • A community center in New York welcomed 20 new girls to their sports program and provided them with athletic wear. "The captain of our girls’ basketball team has improved her jump shot and is able to practice a sport she loves," the program director said. "She had always wanted to, but due to financial hardships her parents could not afford any of the local sports programs."

  • A Columbus community program received over $20,000 worth of equipment and clothing. Before, many of the kids were hesitant to join in because they were afraid of ruining their school uniforms. The new gear gave them confidence, and the fresh equipment has made them excited about joining in.

  • A community organization that serves high-need neighborhoods is helping more kids than ever. “The support allows us to keep registration costs extremely low for an expensive sport like football," a spokesperson told us. "The new uniforms and shoes increased the self-esteem of the kids and served as a reminder of their inherent worth and dignity.”

While this marks the end of a year-long journey of wellness and giving back, our members have paved the way for positive change that spans a lifetime.

If you’re ready to make moves that matter for your own well-being in 2024, we’re here to help you make every minute count.

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