A woman lies face down on a couch, struggling to find motivation to work out.
Centr Team

5 easy fixes for your workout procrastination

Centr Team

You know you should work out, but oh boy, this couch sure is comfortable.

Whatever the cause of your missing-in-action motivation, these meditations are guaranteed to get you up and moving using the science of positive psychology.

It's not magic, but it sure feels like it.


Learn to Meditate 7: Peak performance

When self-doubt is sapping your drive, Chris knows just what you need to hear.


Meditation: Get things done

Procrastination is no match for your energized alter ego.


Meditation: Explosive energy

We bet you can't make it to the end without craving a workout.


Meditation: Set today's intentions

The secret to becoming a morning workout person? This meditation.


Meditation: Find your focus

Is it behind the fridge? Under the bed? No! It's waiting for you right here with Michael.

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