Healthy snacks from the Centr meal plan.
Centr Team

6 shareable snacks that say "you're my people"

Centr Team

Food is more than fuel. It's a love language. It's the thing that makes hanging out and doing nothing feel special. It's how we say thanks, and how friends become family.

So if you've found those people who are worth sharing food with, shouldn't the food you share be worthy, too?

We've unlocked 6 of our favorite healthy, shareable snacks that have you covered from cosy movie nights to casual hangs.


Buffalo Cauliflower 'Wings'

This vegetarian spin on a classic is the best way to say "everyone's welcome".


Lemon & Thyme Hummus with Olives & Pita

Flex on your family with a home-made hummus AND fresh toasted flatbread.


Japanese-glazed Chicken Meatballs

Meatballs so good they complement any occasion.

Surprise engagement? Celebratory meatballs! Buddy had a break-up? Comfort meatballs.


Dan's Mini Snack Pizzas

Instead of fighting over the last slice, let them fight over the final personal pizza.


5-ingredient Baked Zucchini & Cheese Bites

Easy, cheesy and crunchy. Is this the perfect snack?


Broccomole with Pita Chips

When a quick visit turns into a marathon get together, this dip has the nutrients you need to go the distance.

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