Centr trainer Da Rulk works out on a rocky beach, landing on all fours, kicking up a spray of sand.
Centr Team

4 powerful reasons to take your training outside

Centr Team

What do you do when you’re not getting the same buzz or results from your training? Take it outside.

People who spend two hours a week in green spaces report better overall health and mental well-being than those who stay inside. Let’s take a look at four more effects of taking your workouts into the great outdoors.

1. Earn an extra glow. Time in nature is proven to lower stress and increase energy, which puts a whole new oomph into your post-workout endorphin rush.

2. Let the sun shine on your training. Sensible exposure to sunlight rockets vitamin D levels (essential for strong bones), helps you to fight off infection and improves sleep. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen – the vitamin D can still get through.

3. Breathe easier. According to the US EPA, outdoor air quality is often 2-5 times better (containing fewer pollutants) than air indoors. Swapping stale gym air for the side of a highway isn’t going to be much of a trade up, so go for a green space like the local park and give your lungs the gift of an outdoor cardio session.

4. Better brain gains. It’s not only your muscles clocking up gains in green spaces. Better attention, working memory and decreased tension, anger and depression have all been associated with outdoor exercise.

Inspired to take it outside? These equipment-free cardio sessions are perfect for the park.

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