Centr founder Chris Hemsworth crouches on a deck, looking off into the distance with a calm look.
Chris Hemsworth

Train your mind with Chris Hemsworth’s favorite meditations

Chris Hemsworth

I never considered myself the meditating type. But I’ve learned a lot of interesting things about meditation, sleep and breathing through Centr and my National Geographic series Limitless.

That’s why I’m making some of the most popular meditations on Centr available for everyone.

While you’ve probably heard about benefits like stress reduction and clearing your mind, meditating can still feel weird when you’ve never done it before. Like, what do I do with my hands? Do I have to lie down? Am I supposed to do it every day?

The more I’ve tried it, the more I think of it as training: you lift weights to build muscle, you meditate to build a stronger mind.

These short, practical meditations use effective techniques that anyone can follow. Trust me – if I can do it, I know you can, too.

A hand holds a clear cube prism up to a sunset on a beach, reflecting the sunlight within the cube.

Basic box breathing

Time: 4 mins

This is a technique that Dr. Modupe Akinola taught me when I was preparing to step out onto a crane 900 feet in the air for Limitless. Not the smartest decision I’ve ever made, if we’re being honest, but the power of this simple breathing technique to help gather yourself in high-stress situations really surprised me.

This is how Dr. Modupe helped me understand what happens when you get overwhelmed: the adrenaline kicks in, heart rate rises, breathing gets faster, stress goes even higher. But slow and deep box breathing sends a message back to your brain to chill out – dialing all those stress responses down.

It’s a really useful tool to help manage those intense feelings when the pressure is on. Hit play and let Centr’s yoga expert Tahl talk you through it.

Michael Olajide Jr. wearing yellow shorts and a white singlet top shadow boxes with dumbbells in each hand.

Find your flow state

Time: 7 mins

Have you ever had one of those moments where whatever you’re doing seems to flow out of you, without even having to try?

This is your “flow state” – a moment of total concentration and clarity. And it’s not just a case of getting lucky. This meditation with Michael will help you tap into your flow state whenever you need it.

A brilliant red sun sits on the ocean's horizon.

Instant energy boost

Time: 7 mins

On a film set, there can be a lot of sitting around and waiting. When you’re finally called to do your bit, you don’t want to come in flat, so Zocchi and I will often do a quick workout blast.

This breathing technique can give you the same kind of impact with a heck of a lot less sweat. It’s like a wake up call for your body and mind – helping you feel focused, energized and calm all at the same time.

A magical close-up image of translucent brown mushrooms and pink flowers with green foliage in a forest,  with a sprinkle of stars around.

Sleep for kids: Magical adventure

Time: 15 mins

You’ve had those nights, right? When the kids just. Won’t. Settle. Down. To. Sleep. Thank goodness for my old mate Taika Waititi.

The Sleep for Kids meditations that Taika and I narrate on Centr were developed by a team of psychologists and meditation teachers to help children regulate their emotions and think positively. They’re a really nice activity to do with your kids, too.

I believe the record in the Centr Community for this one putting a kid out cold is under two minutes. Let’s see if your little humans can beat that!

Light filters through an underwater shot of blue water, with multi-coloured air bubbles floating around under the surface.

Sleep visualization: Let it go, head to toe

Time: 15 mins

According to my brain, the perfect time to start running through a checklist of every single thing I’ve ever worried about is the exact instant my head hits the pillow.

It’s not just me, right? I’m guessing there’s a reason this is one of the most popular sleep visualizations on Centr…

This style of body scan meditation is designed to help you let go of the tension of your day – relaxing your mind and unclenching all those tight spots to stop them keeping you awake. My mate Bobby has another one for those nights you wake up at 2.30am and the checklist kicks in. (Also guilty.)

Don’t worry if meditation feels a bit weird at first. Remember your first bear crawl? Stick with it and you’ll find your form in no time.

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