An image from space showing a star-filled sky.
Centr Team

The best workout for your star sign

Centr Team

Choosing a workout based on your goals is OUT. Choosing a workout based on a cursory knowledge of astrology is IN.

Come with us, cosmic traveler, on a journey to the stars. (Some equipment required).

Disclaimer: Obviously we don’t recommend ditching your goals and basing your entire training strategy on your star sign. But it could be fun just this once.



People often tell you "not everything is a competition". But you know the truth – that’s loser talk. Prove that you’re better than everyone (even professional fitness experts) by crushing Luke Zocchi and Alexz Parvi in this 100-rep challenge. What else would we expect from the sign ruled by Mars, God of War?



Nurture your inner hermit and dodge the germ pit that is your local gym with this home-friendly cardio workout with Dan Churchill. (Can you tell Dan is NOT a Taurus? Look at him working out in a park! Icky.) The best bit: he won’t even judge you for doing the workout in your silky PJs.



We know you could talk to a brick wall, but now you won’t have to. Join Luke, Bobby and Tahl for a 15-minute HIIT workout that will make you feel like you’re sweating it out with friends. That’s one way to push down the scary thoughts that spring up when you’re alone, right?



Please don’t take this personally, but we think you need to chill. Why not try a 10-minute yoga flow with Tahl to nourish your sensitive soul and strengthen your core so you can keep carrying the weight of everyone else’s problems (whether they asked you to or not).



Have you heard of ‘vanity muscles’? Of course you have, you gorgeous Lion. So let’s get to work on building some muscles befitting the King of the Jungle with Luke's core challenger. For bonus points: find a reflective surface so you can check yourself out as you train!



It’s time to use your fault-finding powers on something that matters, instead of typos in texts. (But seriously, why can’t people tell the difference between ‘they’re’, ‘their’ and ‘there’?) A detail-oriented nature can be a gift and a curse, and in the case of this Pilates ab burner with Sylvia, it’s both: hyper-focusing on form will get you results, but it’s going to hurt.



Show people you’re a unicorn by doing bear crawls and gorillas. “Oh, you’re still using dumbbells? How 2017 of you!” you'll be heard to say, as you bear crawl past the mainstream fitness sheep in the gym. Da Rulk’s unique functional training style is exactly the type of exercise a trendsetting hipster like you needs.



Channel that Scorpio fire and let off some steam (don’t worry, we’re sure you’ll still have plenty left over) with a powerful Plyo workout with Bobby Holland Hanton – AKA Chris Hemsworth’s stunt double. The next time your biting sense of humor makes you an enemy, you can use your newfound plyo skills to evade their grasp. Victory: Scorpio.



Just because you think every workout should be a party, that doesn’t mean you want to slack off. We know you need someone who can match your chaotic energy and lack of filter, so try this high-intensity no-jump cardio bonus with Alexz. Just like you, this workout is full of surprises.



First of all, congratulations on taking a break from your ever-growing list of responsibilities. You should do that more often. We’ll make this quick because we know you’ve got a full schedule for the rest of the calendar year. Put that love of efficiency into this 7-minute bodyweight workout with Dan, then you can go back to being a martyr… Sorry, we mean running the world.



We’re honestly surprised you’re looking for workout guidance – shouldn’t you be off marching to your own offbeat drum somewhere? Since we know you’re always looking for something to rebel against, enjoy sticking it to the man with this 11-minute HIRT workout, designed by our community to punish our toughest trainers.



The last time you made it through an entire workout program, Chris Hemsworth was still a teenager acting in Australian soap operas. We’re not saying you can’t exercise, we’re saying you can’t make a decision. But here’s the good news: Power Sculpt combines MMA, HIRT and HIIT modalities so even the pickiest Pisces won’t lose interest.


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