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What is your core?

Centr Team

So, you want a stronger core? Before you set it on fire with your favorite Centr trainers, we’d better run through exactly it is and how to get the most out of working it.

What is my core?

While the abdominal muscles get all the glory, your core encompasses all the muscles in your torso, from your diaphragm to your back and down to your pelvic floor.

Speaking of abs, they actually include three layers of muscles:

  • The deepest layer is your transversus abdominis, which combines with your back muscles for a stable torso.
  • The top layer is the rectus abdominis, the famous six-pack that runs down the middle of your torso.
  • On either side sit the oblique muscles, crucial for twisting and turning.

In order to strengthen these muscles, it’s essential that they’re activated.

How do I activate my core?

Whether you’re lifting weights, doing yoga or powering through a HIIT session, you’ll hear your trainer instruct you to “engage”, “switch on”, “brace” or “activate” your core.

But what does it mean and how do you actually do it?

Hit play on the video below and Sylvia will coach you through it.

What’s the best way to strengthen my core?

Most Centr workouts feature a core element, so even if you didn’t quite understand all those muscles, you’ve likely been working them already.

We also have options to specifically target and strengthen your core:

  • Commit to building your core strength in just 5-7 minutes a day with 28 Days of Core.
  • Add a quick session from our self-guided Core Burner series onto your regular training in the gym or at home – or challenge your core anytime, anywhere.
  • Use the “Target” filter in Explore to find quick bonus sessions and full core workouts. Try these coached workouts for starters.

A stronger core in 5 minutes a day? It’s ab-solutely possible with 28 Days of Core.

Why is a strong core important?

Along with your back, hamstrings and glutes, the core makes up an integral part of your posterior chain – the complex group of muscles that connect your upper and lower body.

A strong posterior chain is the foundation of full-body strength, so it’s important that all links in the chain get the attention they deserve.

The benefits of a strong core are wide-ranging and include:

  • Improving posture

  • Boosting balance and stability

  • Improving exercise form and protecting you from injury

  • Leveling up your workout and sporting performance – for instance, increasing your lifting power and helping you run faster
  • Preventing and relieving back pain, which is particularly important if you work a desk job.

How do I get six-pack abs?

There’s a lot more to achieving six-pack abs than constant crunches. We’ll talk you through why you may not have a six-pack yet.

If you have more questions about your core, connect with us in the Centr community

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