A triptych of Michael Ojadile Jr., Da Rulk and Tahl Rinsky.
Centr Team

4 fitness styles to reset mind & body

Centr Team

Your goals have changed. You’ve lost the feeling. Your results have plateaued. Whatever the reason, we all get to a point where our fitness routines need a reset.

Step one to finding a new perspective and putting the spark back into your workouts is focusing on the mind-body connection. And the best way to do that is by trying a new style of training.

We spoke to the Centr experts about how their unique training modalities can help you reset, recommit and make every rep count.

Centr HIIT HIRT Strength and yoga trainers Luke Zocchi and Tahl Rinsky stand side by side in a light-filled yoga studio, smiling at the camera.

Dynamic Yoga

It’s not just yoga. It’s Tahl Rinsky’s brand of dynamic Vinyasa yoga.

“It’s ‘dynamic’ because it really gets you moving, delivering an intense workout,” says Tahl. “But it’s also dynamic in the sense that it helps you connect your breath, your body and your mind. When you coordinate your movement with your breath in yoga, it takes you out of your head and into mindfulness.”

Known as pranayama in yoga, deep and focused breathing helps to bring your mind into the present by activating the parasympathetic nervous system to calm your body – slowing your heart rate, helping you focus and think clearly, even turning down the pain response in your brain.

Try it: Take a breath by rolling out the mat with Tahl in Centr Align: Yoga Day 1.

Centr yoga and Pilates trainers Tahl Rinsky and Sylvia Roberts, side-by-side, perform a kneeling high raise plank with leg lift.


Making a comeback or just looking to get an edge on the competition? Through low-impact movements designed to develop muscle control, strength and endurance, Pilates delivers full-body conditioning with a serving of laser focus.

“While Pilates is a challenging workout, it’s not fast and furious like a HIIT session, and movements are often held or performed in a fluid motion,” says Pilates instructor Sylvia Roberts. “Performing each exercise correctly with good form requires your full attention, which means you can’t be checking your emails or scrolling social media at the same time!”

Try it: Take it slow and absorb the benefits with Sylvia in Centr Align: Pilates Day 1.

Centr boxing trainer Michael Olajide Jr., wearing yellow shorts and a white singlet top, shadow boxes with a dumbbell in each hand.


More than just throwing punches or jumping rope like Rocky, boxing requires a true melding of body and mind. Just ask the champ, Michael Olajide Jr.

“Sometimes you just want to scream, you know what I mean? But that’s not always an option, especially for city dwellers,” Michael chuckles. “That's what I love about boxing workouts. You pick up the jump rope or just keep throwing punches until you’re totally fatigued, and you’re able to shift your mind to something better.”

Try it: Visualize stepping into the ring to challenge your body and mind with Centr Fusion: BoxHIIT.

Centr functional trainer Da Rulk stands in a workout studio, wearing a black t-shirt and smiling at the camera.

Functional Training

Our master of Functional Training, Da Rulk, has a saying: you need to crawl before you walk. Sure, we learn that stuff as babies, but then we get jobs, cars and streaming services… and the sedentary lifestyle takes over.

“By re-learning how to crawl, roll, rock and squat, we can teach our bodies to perform better not just when exercising, but in everyday activities too,” says Rulk.

His workouts are built around simple foundational movement patterns: push, pull, squat, lunge, rotate. They can enhance core stability, joint mobility and overall strength and conditioning to transform the way you move.

The Centr community can swear by the fact that Da Rulk’s workouts will test your mental strength, too.

Try it: Rebuild a better you by hitting play on Functional Training: No Limits.

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