A triptych of Centr subscribers Mark, walking up a dirt road carrying a large rock on his shoulder,
Centr Team

5 transformations for an inspiration overload

Centr Team

They say you can’t be what you can’t see. So we wanted to share some incredible stories from our members – of grit, fitness wins and paying it forward.

Take these stories and let them inspire you for the rest of the year. As Erica (who you’ll meet below) says: “Set a goal and surpass it. Don’t forget to appreciate how far you’ve come and always celebrate where you’re going.”

Erica and 2 friends perform sit throughs in a row, on a sandy stream bank.

Erica has done 730 days of sit thrus (and counting)

What started as “100 reps for 100 days” of Centr expert Da Rulk’s signature exercise has morphed into so much more for Erica.

“Six hundred days after I expected to quit, I am still going,” she says. “This daily challenge has become my anchor of accountability, my identity, my chance to prove to myself that I ‘always can’. I’ve learned countless lessons about my own grit and tenacity as the days count on.”

For the statisticians in the house, that’s a solid two years of sit thrus and 220,000 reps in total that Erica has clocked up.

Shelley sits on her spotted appaloosa horse in an outdoor arena.

Shelly got back on the horse

Shelly is not the type to “couch sit” her days away. But she had a “lot to unpack” after a horse riding accident two years ago left her horribly injured.

“The joint in my ankle was in pieces, and both bones were broken,” she says. “I was anxious, moody and didn't ride for years – too weak and too afraid. Centr got me back to a place where I am strong enough to ride again. I train so I can take life by storm. That’s my ‘why’.”


Heidi chose strong over skinny

“Somewhere along the way, the desire to be skinny turned into a desire to be strong.” This striking message Heidi shared with the Centr community came after a long recovery from injury.

“Two years ago I started my knee rehabilitation journey and today I squatted 1.5 times my own body weight. I’m in awe of what my body is capable of,” she says. “And my mindset has changed – now I don’t seek results on how I look, but how I feel and how strong I am.”

The number one thing she’s learned along the way? “Consistency is key. You need to show up for yourself every day. I have already crushed my goals, but the best part is there is no top limit, I can only keep pushing forward.”

Mark walks alongside a small boy on a country dirt road. Mark carries a large rock on his left shoulder and the boy carries a small rock on his right shoulder.

Mark is teaching the next generation

Over the last few years, Centr helped Mark go from “unmotivated” to finding his “inner superhero”. Now he’s sharing everything he’s learned about health, performance and movement with purpose in a “little legend bootcamp”, or fitness class for kids.

“You never know where life will lead you, but this unathletic bench warmer from high school is unrecognizable to most I grew up with,” says Mark. “When you find your purpose, you will know!”

A before and after selfie of Ashley, showing her fitness transition

Ashley found her strength again after cancer

Six years ago, Ashley was diagnosed with breast cancer. “The toll that took on me – mental and physical – was more than I what I was prepared for,” she says. “The treatments felt like forever and led to me being the heaviest I’ve ever been.”

As her frustrations grew, all Ashley wanted was to feel like herself again. “At the start of Covid, I discovered Centr and gave it a go. It was life-changing for me. Within three years I have lost 50lbs (23kgs) and I’m in better shape now than I was before being diagnosed with cancer.”

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