Centr Team

5 ways to get $#^% done in 5 minutes

Centr Team

The tasks are piling up. You’re so busy your goals are stuck on pause. And that workout you were going to do? It’s clearly not working out.

You’re not lazy or losing your edge, you just need a gentle push in the right direction. Or a Da Rulk-sized shove to the next level of performance.

From new motivational meditations with Bobby and Rulk to some of our tried and tested favorites, we’ve got the 5-minute get $#^% done playlist you need.

A snow-capped mountain vista, reflected in a calm lake.

Get Into the Zone with Da Rulk

When you’re busy replaying yesterday, worrying about tomorrow, or doubting if you can do that thing you want to do, you need something to snap you back to the here and now. Enter Da Rulk – a kick up the butt in human form. He’ll get you focused on your purpose (you know, that thing that gets you out of bed in the morning) and into the zone. Because the zone is where goals become reality.

A picture of a blank page of paper with to do list written in the middle

Stop procrastinating with Bobby

You know that thing you should be doing? Yes, that thing. It’s really time you stopped putting it off. Because while delay tactics may give you temporary relief, getting it done is the real dopamine hit. Take a quick audio journey with Bobby to understand why we humans put things off, and how easy it can be to get past it.

A person stands on a ridge peak, arms outstretched, facing a taller mountain peak ahead of them.

One Step at a Time with Bobby

Your goals are big. And so they should be. We’re aiming for the stars, for the summit, for peak life performance! But here’s the thing: every great goal is made up of small actions. So instead of dreaming about the finish line, dream about the race. Bobby is standing by on the sidelines, ready to help you visualize those steps down to the smallest detail – so you can achieve what you want this time.

Chris Hemsworth studies a loading crane.

The Power of Positivity with Chris

When you’re facing something daunting, positivity isn’t always the first reaction – but positivity can be powerful. Whether you’re stepping out onto a tightrope or about to lift a new personal best, positive thought can help you control your stress and perform beyond what you thought was possible. So hit play to power up on positive self-talk with Chris.

An image of deep green leaves with raindrops on them.

Raindrops on Leaves with nature

Getting caught in the rain isn’t so bad, after all. When the work requires you to go deep, the sounds of nature have a proven ability to aid focus and reduce distraction. That’s where our Soundscapes come in. Pull on the headphones, tune out the ticking clock (you will make that deadline), calm those racing thoughts, then find your flow in the steady rhythm of rainfall on leaves.


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