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5 focus meditations to sharpen your mind

Centr Team

When the moment comes, will you be ready to seize it?

From your workouts to your work life, these meditations for focus are ready and waiting when you need to control stress and find clarity.

Let’s sharpen your mind…

A back-lit image of a man using battle ropes, working out in a high-rise car park in the early morning.

Your mental warm-up

Visualization is a tool used by some of the world's best athletes to improve performance in their sport. But you don't have to be a pro for this technique to pay off. Join bodybuilder and strength expert Torre Washington for a pre-workout visualization before your next sweat session, and feel the difference a mental warm-up can make.

Centr founder Chris Hemsworth contemplates a model of a high-rise construction crane, for an episode of the Limitless series.

The power of positivity

When you’re facing something daunting, positivity isn’t always the first reaction – but positivity can be powerful. This meditation utilizes the positive thinking Centr founder Chris Hemsworth was taught before his crane walk in Limitless.

Whether you’re attempting a dramatic high-rise feat or about to lift a new personal best, positive thought can help you control your stress and perform beyond what you thought possible.

An image of a hand holding a clear cube up towards the setting sun at a rocky beach.

Basic box breathing

This is another technique that Chris learned during Limitless, from Dr. Modupe Akinola. Here’s how it works: when you get overwhelmed, your adrenaline kicks in, causing your heart rate to rise and breathing to quicken. But research has shown that regulating your breathing can help you think more clearly and rationally when anticipating a stressful event. In other words, you can take back control and perform when it counts.

A snow-capped alpine mountain vista.

Dial down your stress

Stress is the enemy of peak performance. And according to Centr members, nothing conquers stress quite like the voice of Sergio Perera. This meditation will ground you in 5 minutes flat, getting you out of your head and into your body.

A close up image of raindrops on dark green leaves.

Raindrops on leaves

The sounds of nature have a proven ability to aid focus and reduce distraction. That’s where our Soundscapes come in. Pull on the headphones, tune out the ticking clock (you will make that deadline), calm those racing thoughts, then find your flow in the steady rhythm of rainfall on leaves.

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