Centr trainers Ingrid and Luke use the Centr 1 machine as a part of their workout.
Centr Team

Don’t just build muscle, get Centr 1 Strong

Centr Team

One goal. One machine. All the gains.

Amplify your muscle mass and achieve total-body strength with Centr 1 Strong, the 9-week program designed specifically for the Centr 1 Home Gym functional trainer.

The Centr 1 is a compact and powerful cable machine packing a 160lb (73kg) weight stack, frictionless pulleys and unique radial arms. Plus, it comes with a 3-month digital subscription to Centr – so you can start building muscle at home straight away with the specialized Centr 1 Strong program.

Experts Ingrid Clay, Maricris Lapaix and Chris Hemsworth’s personal trainer Luke Zocchi will lead you through three progressive phases of cable machine workouts.

“We’ve taken this one-of-a-kind home gym and paired it with the proven Centr approach to muscle-building to help you get maximum results,” says Luke. “And we’ll be challenging you every step of the way.”

The gains start now.

How does the Centr 1 Strong program work?

With this unique cable machine in your home gym, you’re set to build some serious muscle across 9 weeks – no free weights required.

  • Train at home using only the Centr 1 functional trainer.
  • 5 self-guided workouts a week, repeating within each phase to layer up results.
  • Three progressive 3-week phases, with workouts that get longer and exercises that get tougher as you get stronger.
  • Splits that target your push and pull muscles, upper, lower and total body.
  • Exercise tutorials to nail your technique.
  • Warm-up and cool-down included in each workout.
  • Suitable for Intermediate and Advanced level lifters, or a beginner who feels ready to level up.

What results will I get from this program?

Over 9 weeks with Centr 1 Strong you will:

  • Build muscle mass and strength. The body-part split designed by the experts will ensure you work all the major muscle groups and achieve total-body gains.
  • Burn fat and increase overall fitness.
  • Streamline your strength training for convenience and efficiency.
  • Learn to get the most out of your Centr 1 Home Gym.

The one-of-a-kind Centr 1 Home Gym functional trainer is available at shop.centr.com and select retailers.


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