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Is it ever ‘too late’ to improve your fitness?

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When is it too late to start working out?

We already know that exercise is one of the best things you can do to fight aging, from reducing your risk of cancer and cardiac disease, to keeping your brain sharp. It can also give your quality of life a big kick in the right direction.

Yet many people stop themselves from even starting because they think it’s too late. Maybe you know someone like this. Maybe it’s you! Well, it’s time to turn the tables.

Researchers compared elderly people who took part in a 6-month exercise program with elderly people who did nothing. Here are three big positives they uncovered.

1. Distance walked in 6 minutes: The people who worked out increased their distance by 10 percent, while those who did no exercise saw their distance drop by 18 percent.

2. Number of times a person can stand up out of a chair, then sit back down again in 30 seconds: The workout group improved their reps by 30 percent. The people who didn’t work out went downhill by 24 percent.

3. The time a person takes to stand up from a chair, walk three meters, turn around, walk back to the chair and sit down: The exercisers improved their up-and-go time by 9.2 percent, while the non-movers’ performance plummeted by 19.4 percent.

Takeaway: They may have been couch potatoes when they began, but just 6 months of exercise gave these older people a major fitness boost – overpowering the negative effects of aging felt by the non-active group.

So, whatever your age, there’s no time like now. If you’re looking for a beginner-friendly fitness program, Centr Begin will get you moving in just 3 weeks.

Disclaimer: This Centr content is adapted with permission from an article written by Lifespan.io. The content herein represents Centr’s interpretation of the original source material.

Centr x Lifespan.io

Centr has partnered with Lifespan.io to bring you the latest in longevity research. Lifespan.io is the leading source of industry news and a nonprofit advocacy foundation whose mission is to accelerate progress toward overcoming age-related diseases. Since 2014, the organization has focused on responsible journalism, high-impact advocacy, and media initiatives that make longevity research and education more accessible to all.

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