Centr trainer Ingrid Clay performs a banded rear leg lift.
Centr Team

5 fiery exercises for your fabric band booty workout

Centr Team

Looking for a resistance band booty workout with serious sculpting power?

We’ve gathered 5 of our favorite fabric band exercises to promote muscle growth and strength, so you can set your glutes on fire anywhere – no squat rack required.

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How (and why) to use fabric bands for your glute workout

There’s a reason people also call them booty bands!

Fabric bands offer a unique advantage in targeting the glute muscles due to their ability to provide constant tension in both the concentric (muscle shortening) and eccentric (muscle lengthening) parts of a movement.

Using bands also enables you to target each of your glute muscles (yep, there are more than one) including:

  • The gluteus maximus, the largest muscle in your backside.
  • The gluteus medius, which sits above the gluteus maximus near your hips.
  • The gluteus minimus, which lies under the gluteus medius and can be challenging to isolate and strengthen.

Each of these exercises makes a great addition to your lower-body workout or glute-focused session, but we recommend using them together to form an epic glute burner. Here’s how:

  • Perform each exercise for 30 seconds.
  • Rest for 20 seconds between exercises.
  • After completing all 5 exercises, rest for 1 minute.

  • Repeat the circuit 3 times.

Remember: If you want to keep getting results from your resistance band workouts, it’s important to adapt as you get stronger. The easiest way to do this with fabric bands is to switch to a band with a heavier resistance.

1. Banded low walk

A banded low walk is a classic glute burner, with a particular focus on the gluteus medius. It’s also a great warm-up or activation exercise, so a great way to kick-off your glute workout.

How to do a banded low walk:

  1. Place a resistance band around your thighs, just above the knees.

  2. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent.

  3. Engage your core and sink into a squat position.

  4. Take a step to the side with your right foot, then follow with your left foot. Maintain tension on the band throughout the movement.

  5. Reverse direction when you reach the edge of your workout mat.

2. Banded sumo butt lift

The wider stance used in this variation on the classic glute bridge puts more tension on the gluteus medius and minimus, which are responsible for stabilizing the hips. It also adds a bonus burn for your core, as your body works to stabilize throughout the exercise.

How to do a banded sumo butt lift:

  1. Place a fabric resistance band around your thighs, just above your knees, and lie down on your back.

  2. With your knees bent, position your feet so they are wider than your workout mat, with only your heels touching the ground.

  3. Extend your arms along your sides with your palms facing down for stability.

  4. Press through your heels and lift your hips off the ground, pausing briefly at the top. Keep your knees aligned with your hips, pressing out against the resistance of the band.

  5. Lower your hips back down to the starting position with control.

3. Banded alternating curtsy squat

Curtsy squats target the glutes from all angles, promoting balanced strength and stability. The resistance band keeps the tension in your gluteus medius throughout the move.

How to do banded alternating curtsy squats:

  1. Place the fabric band around your thighs, just above your knees, and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.

  2. Slightly press your knees outwards against the resistance of the band. This will activate your hip abductors.

  3. Lift your right foot slightly off the ground and step it diagonally behind your left leg.

  4. Bend both your knees, keeping your chest up and your core engaged so you don’t tilt forward.

  5. Press through your front foot to return to the starting position.

  6. Repeat on the other side.

4. Banded donkey kick + fire hydrant

This move combines two fiery glute exercises into one super burner. It will also challenge your abductors, helping to isolate muscles that can be tricky to target, to improve stability and balance.

How to do banded donkey kicks + fire hydrant:

  1. Loop the resistance band around your thighs, just above your knees.

  2. Set up on all fours, with your hands directly under your shoulders, and your knees under your hips.

  3. Perform a donkey kick by pressing your left foot upward toward the ceiling.

  4. Lower your left leg back down, then perform a fire hydrant by lifting your left leg out to the side.

  5. Return to the starting position and repeat on the opposite side.

5. Banded squat fly

A wider squat stance enhances glute activation, and the pulse at the bottom means more time spent in the lowest part of the squat – testing your glutes even further.

How to do a banded squat fly:

  1. Place a resistance band around your thighs, just above the knees.

  2. Stand with your feet wider than shoulder-width apart, toes slightly turned out.

  3. Pushing your hips back and bending your knees to sink into a squat.

  4. Once you reach the lowest point of your squat, perform a small, controlled "pulse" movement by moving your kneesan inch or two wider.

  5. Rise out of the squat, keeping you chest up.

  6. Ensure your knees are aligned with your toes, and they do not go beyond your toes.


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