Four images of meals from the 6 new ultra-easy meal collection at Centr.
Centr Team

6 ultra-easy meals for the busiest people

Centr Team

Your to-do list may be out of control, but we have the ultra-easy, 6-ingredient (max!) recipes to help you keep calm and carry on in the kitchen.

Whether you’re powering up for a big day ahead or need a packed lunch that fits your schedule, these recipes leave plenty of time for the things you value most.

Two slices of toast with Dan's Herby Egg Scramble Stack sit on a wooden serving board, with scattered basil leaves around and a small bowl of rocket leaves in the background.

Dan’s Herby Egg Scramble Stack

You know what your morning needs? More herbiness, less messing about. Dan’s simple stack is the new way to press play on your day.

A bowl of Centr's 6-ingredient Crispy Chicken Taco Salad sits on a grey linen napkin on a wooden table, with lime quarters and slices of chilli in a bowl in the background.

Dan’s 6-ingredient Crispy Chicken Taco Salad

Spicy chicken. Crispy tortillas… The only thing Dan’s 15-minute salad bowl is missing is a constant stream of work colleagues asking “Where did you get that?”

A tray of Centr's 6-ingredient Chicken Fajita Sheet-pan rests on a wooden table with a plate of tortillas and some lime quarters on the side.

6-ingredient Chicken Fajita Sheet-pan

Making your favorite fajitas just got a whole lot quicker and easier. Load the pan, spice it up, then let the oven do (most of) the work.

A tray of Dan’s Italian-style Fish & Potato Sheet-pan rests on a rack on a wooden table.

Dan’s Italian-style Fish & Potato Sheet-pan

Has there ever been more flavor on a single pan? Dan’s Italian-style feast is super easy and supremely tasty thanks to those olives and capers.

A tray of 6-ingredient Chilli Chicken & Squash Sheet-pan rests on a baking rack on a wooden table with a fork and spoon and plates on the side, ready for serving

6-ingredient Chilli Chicken & Squash Sheet-pan

Whether you call it squash or pumpkin, a sheet-pan or a tray bake, we can all agree we’ll be smashing this spicy spin on classic protein ‘n’ veg quick smart!

A white enamel tray of 6-ingredient Roasted Cauliflower Parmesan sits on a wooden board, with fork and spoon on the side of the tray, ready for serving.

6-ingredient Roasted Cauliflower Parmesan

Go veg and keep it snappy without vegetarian parmesan (or parmigiana) that doesn’t skimp on the cheese.

Want more from your meals? Try these recipes:

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