Centr Trainer Luke Zocchi holds out a Centr Workout Kit wrapped in a yellow ribbon.
Centr Team

9 healthy gifts for your fittest friend

Centr Team

Some of us have a gift for giving. Others, not so much.

If you fall into the second category and you’re struggling to find a worthy present for your favorite fit person, we’re here to help.

From gym accessories for the men and women in your life who love working out to mindful stocking stuffers, there are plenty of ways to bring some healthy joy to the festive season.

We’ve compiled a few of our favorites below for every price point.

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Centr Trainer Ingrid Clay works out with a Centr Smart Stack 50 dumbbell.

The innovative fitness gift: Smart Stack 50

The only set of dumbbells they’ll ever need, the design-forward Centr Smart Stack 50 has been engineered for strength, comfort, durability and style. Simply rotate the handle to select the preferred weight on each dumbbell, ranging from 5–50 lbs.

The healthy stocking stuffer: SIPP Instant

Centr expert Luke Zocchi launched SIPP Instant in 2018. The goal? To produce a great cup of instant coffee, minus the pollution and waste.

Choose from a variety of styles, including coconut chai latte and an enhanced black coffee, and gift to anyone who loves to start their day right or power themselves through a morning workout.

The gift for science lovers: Peter Attia's Outlive

A New York Times Bestseller and must-read for anyone who wants to learn more about healthy aging, Outlive: The Science & Art of Longevity is Dr Peter Attia’s groundbreaking manual for living better and longer.

Attia, who you may recognise as the doctor working with Chris Hemsworth to understand his Alzheimer’s risk on National Geographic’s Limitless, uses his book to outline ways to extend well-being into old age.

Centr Trainer Dan Churchill uses the massage stick from the Centr Recovery Kit.

The gift for the workout fanatic: Centr Recovery Kit

Sick of a certain someone complaining of sore muscles? This comprehensive kit has everything they’ll need to promote blood flow, enhance circulation and achieve targeted relief.

With a massage roller stick, foam roller, stretch strap and three massage balls, they’ll have no excuse for not stretching, rolling and massaging the muscles until they’re totally free of tension.

The self-care gift: Core by Hyperice

Core by Hyperice is a game changer for anyone who wants to incorporate meditation and mindfulness into their daily routine.

This ergonomic sphere pairs with phones via Bluetooth and not only guides and vibrates through various meditations, but also comes equipped with biosensors to provide feedback and track the mind and body’s physical response.

The gift for massage lovers: Hypervolt 2 Pro

Help someone supercharge their recovery by gifting them the Hypervolt 2 Pro. This premium, handheld massage gun uses rapid, repetitive pressure and vibration to loosen tight or sore muscles and relieve soft-tissue stiffness.

The five interchangeable heads make it easier to focus on a variety of body parts, promoting recovery after a day of heavy lifting or intense cardio. A great gift for anyone who is consistently pushing themselves.

Centr Trainer Maricris Lapaix performs a banded squat with a fabric band from the Centr Workout Kit.

The gift for fit travelers: Centr Workout Kit

Anyone who loves to hit the road will adore this comprehensive workout kit providing everything needed for a good resistance-training session. It comes with a convenient travel bag and will help strengthen, tone and elongate muscles when the gym is either non-existent, not up to scratch, or it’s simply too nice to be cooped up indoors.

With a combination of resistance bands, tube bands, ankle straps and D-handles, this kit brings a versatile range of options to build muscle or focus on endurance with a HIIT-style workout.

The gift for the data heads: WHOOP

A leader in the wearable tech space, WHOOP manages to capture a comprehensive look at the body’s key performance data proven to have a meaningful impact on health.

These sleek, stylish bands monitor sleep, strain and recovery while providing personalized performance coaching based on individual data. Those interested in data and fitness will find plenty to love, as will anyone struggling with their sleep pattern.

Centr Trainer Luke Zocchi working out using the Centr 1 cable machine.

The game-changing gift for gym rats: Centr 1

Bring the gym home with the Centr 1 functional trainer. This powerful cable machine has 165 different pulley options allowing for endless strength training workouts. The streamlined, low-profile design means it’s surprisingly compact and can fit in almost any room or garage.

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