A collection of 4 low-effort fitness snacks from the Centr snack library.
Centr Team

10 low-effort fitness snacks for maximum gains

Centr Team

Looking for an easy tool to elevate your workout performance and recovery? Break out the snacks.

They may be small, but these nutritious bites have everything you need to power through a session, then kick-start recovery after your Centr Circuit: Elevate workouts.

5 of the best pre-workout snacks

You’ll get more out of your training if you fuel first. With carbohydrates and protein, these snacks have the goods to power your muscles, focus your mind and help bring the intensity.

A serving of Choc PB & J Protein Cups, from the Centr meal library.

1. Choc PB & J Protein Cups

Tasty treats to drive epic strength feats! (And equally awesome rhymes).

A serving of Lemon & Raspberry Microwave Mug Cake, from the Centr meal library.

2. Lemon & Raspberry Microwave Mug Cake

An efficient and effective workout calls for an equally efficient snack. With carbs from bananas, this mug will fill up your belly fast, and deliver an energy boost.

A serving of Date, Sesame & Cashew Bliss Balls, from the Centr meal library.

3. Dan’s Date, Sesame & Cashew Bliss Balls

Before you bust out the slam ball, get your motor running by slamming down some of Dan’s Bliss Balls.

A serving of Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, from the Centr meal library.

4. Dan’s Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

When you’re working on your staying power, you can’t go past oats. They’re low GI, which means just one of Dan’s cookies can take you a long way.

A serving of Choc Almond Puffed Rice Slice, from the Centr meal library.

5. Choc Almond Puffed Rice Slice

Whether it’s rice cakes or this sweet rice slice, the puffed stuff provides plenty of fuel for your muscles to work hard.

5 snacks to kickstart your post-workout recovery

If you’re doing recovery right, the food you eat plays a big part. Think drinks to replenish lost fluids, protein for muscle repair and healthy fats to help reduce inflammation.

A glass of Watermelon Sports Drink, from the Centr meal library.

1. Angie’s Watermelon Sports Drink

According to famed athletes The Wiggles, Wednesday is watermelon day. But we say any day you’ve had a long, sweaty session or trained in the heat is a day you should call on Angie’s DIY sports drink to rehydrate.

A serving of High-protein Cottage Cheese Ice Cream, from the Centr meal library.

2. Dan’s High-protein Cottage Cheese Ice Cream

If someone told you there was post-workout ice cream, would you be more likely to get it done? Of course you would! To make this high-protein treat work even harder for your recovery, Dan’s added dark chocolate – a source of magnesium to help ease muscle soreness.

A serving of Chocolate Coconut Protein Pudding, from the Centr meal library.

3. Dan’s Chocolate Coconut Protein Pudding

The best way to thank your muscles for doing all those burpees. (Because there will be burpees).

A serving of Mayo-free Tuna Salad Snack, from the Centr meal library.

4. Dan’s Mayo-free Tuna Salad Snack

Barely able to move after Luke and Alexz have put you through the wringer? As long as you have the strength to crack open a can of tuna, your recovery is good to go.

A serving of Eggs with Everything Bagel Seasoning, from the Centr meal library.

5. Dan’s Eggs with Everything Bagel Seasoning

Dan swears by the protein and healthy fats in hard-boiled eggs for his recovery. And he’s pumping up the flavor for you with his simple DIY everything bagel seasoning.

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