Dan Churchill

10 new recipes for your January reset

Dan Churchill

After a big festive season, hitting the reset button can feel like hard work. But I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be.

All you need is a few nutritious meals that are easy to make, and leave you feeling reenergized and ready for anything.

Wouldn’t you know it, I’ve got 10 fresh Centr recipes that fit the bill.

Let’s hit refresh and give your body and mind a boost.

A tall glass of Centr's Ginger Honey Pear Reset Smoothie sits on a wooden board, with ginger on the side and half a pear on a plate behind.

1. Ginger Honey Pear Reset Smoothie

Did somebody order a hangover cure? Try my ginger, honey and pear beauty. Ginger is great for digestion and immunity, in case you went a little hard this party season.

A drinking jar of Peach Almond Berry Reset Smoothie, decorated with a peach slice, sits on a white plate with slices of strawberrry, and blueberries scattered around.

2. Peachy Almond Berry Reset Smoothie

With energy-boosting antioxidants from berries and fiber from peaches, this smoothie will get you blitzing in more ways than one.

A plate with a Mexican Breakfast Tortilla sits on linen on a dark wooden table, with a small bowl of salsa on the side.

3. Fiber-packed Mexican Breakfast Tortilla

Fiber is one of the most underrated nutrients for overall health and energy levels. Aside from keeping you feeling fuller for longer, fiber-rich foods will help you to maintain great gut health and a happy heart.

There’s a vegan version for my plant-based friends, too.


4. Baked Crumbed Fish & Salad

Protein-rich fish is perfect for filling up without feeling heavy – and I’ll help you use up that day-old bread for a tasty crumb coating, too. Don’t forget a squeeze of lemon for extra zing.

Two tall glasses of pink coloured Cleansing Celery & Watermelon Juice sit on a wooden table with a stick of celery and slices of watermelon behind.

5. Cleansing Celery & Watermelon Juice

I feel energized just looking at this glass of goodness. A super fresh and light blast of vitamins and electrolytes to fight dehydration (handy at this time of year) and put the spark back into your afternoon.

A  stack of Centr's chocolate pancakes with berries and yogurt on top sits on a beige plate with a bamboo-handled knife and fork on the side.

6. Chocolate Protein Pancakes with Berries

A ‘reset’ doesn’t have to mean a complete overhaul of your diet. Just focus on what your body needs. And if you're getting back to training, that includes protein. My tasty Chocolate Protein Pancakes will get your day – and your gains – started right.

A pan of Centr's 6-Ingredient Weeknight Veggie Frittata sits on a rack on a wooden table, ready for serving.

7. 6-ingredient Weeknight Veggie Frittata

When the only thing in your fridge is leftovers, I’ve got you. Load up on protein goodness with my simple weeknight frittata – you can use any leftover greens you have.

A white bowl of Creamy Cauliflower & Thyme Soup rests on a grey cotton napkin, with a spoon on the side ready for eating.

8. Creamy Cauliflower & Thyme Soup

You’ve been busy. This nutritious plant-based soup is your sign to slow down and savor every mouthful.

A wide shallow bowl of Mediterranean-style Chopped Salad rests on a grey napkin, with a wooden-handled fork on the side, ready for eating.

9. Mediterranean-style Chopped Salad

Counteract the heavy holiday dishes with a colorful chopped salad, complete with a light but creamy dressing. It’s packed with all the benefits of the Mediterranean diet.

A bowl of Charred Cabbage & Squash Salad sits on a dark grey wooden table, with silver knife & fork to the side.
Dan Churchill

Australian foodie Dan Churchill is taking his fresh, healthy and colorful approach to food to the world as chef and co-founder of New York eatery Charley St. Dan has a Masters in Exercise Science, and was a strength and conditioning coach before switching focus to nutrition. He makes healthy eating easy, and workout challenges sweaty – always with an emphasis on fun.

Dan Churchill

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