Centr Trainer Maricris Lapaix pushes a Centr-branded Hyrox sled.
Centr Team

Centr x HYROX: new equipment to take training further

Centr Team

We believe that every body is an athlete, no matter their fitness level.

That’s why Centr is joining forces with HYROX to take the World Series of Fitness Racing to the next level.

As the official competition equipment provider for the world’s fastest-growing fitness race, our new line of custom equipment will be powering HYROX races around the globe and available for training at home or in the gym.

A man throws a Centr x Hyrox branded wall ball at a target.

What is HYROX?

HYROX is a sport unlike any other. Their electrifying fitness competitions combine running with functional workout stations, and are held in 30 cities around the world – from Cologne to Madrid, London, Anaheim, Sydney and Nice – culminating with World Championships at the end of each season.

No matter where you race, the HYROX format remains the same: run one kilometer, complete a functional workout set (think sled pushes and pulls, burpee broad jumps, sandbag lunges and wall balls), then repeat eight times. We’re sweating just thinking about it!

And just like your Centr training, HYROX is for every body – you can take the race at your own pace.

Custom equipment for next-level competition

To get you ready for a huge year of racing ahead, we’ve launched the first ever range of speciality HYROX competition equipment.

Not only will the new line of Centr x HYROX equipment be used in every race this season, you can bring it home to train toward a new personal best. Get the edge with:

  • Power Rope: this fray-proof rope is designed for competition with non-slip handles and markings every 3 meters to gauge your progress.
  • Power Sled: sleek and aerodynamic, with 5 poles and textured grips for proper hand placement.
  • Bumper Plates: unique interlocking weight plates with edge markings to indicate weight at a glance.
  • Octo Kettlebell: the world’s first 8-sided competition kettlebell offers optimum grip support, weight distribution and aerodynamics.
  • Sandbags: heavy-duty durability, with seven handles and three weight options.
  • Wall Balls: powerfully designed to maximize grip and enhance durability.
  • Rig Target: precisely engineered to ensure every wall ball rep makes an impact.

A triptych showcasing the new Centr x Hyrox equipment.

The Centr x HYROX partnership will take your fitness training further. Whether you’re taking on a new challenge or in need of fresh motivation, our competition equipment is engineered to help you reach your goals.

Are you ready to take on HYROX?


Equipment unveiled at HYROX Fort Lauderdale

The competition equipment was used for the first time in the HYROX sport at the Fort Lauderdale race on 24 February. Two thousand spectators cheered on the racers – including newcomers and seasoned competitors – all aiming for a new personal best.

Athletes praised the sleek performance design of the equipment, from the unique Octo Kettlebell shape that didn’t hit their hips during a farmer’s carry, to the consistent and reliable bounce of the Wall Balls, and the interlocking Bumper Plates that allowed for a quick sled swap over between heats.

“Competed in HYROX Fort Lauderdale and the new equipment was fire,” said one athlete. “What an improvement from the last event!”

“The equipment was amazing for HYROX,” said another. “Top quality.”

Bring the HYROX experience home

Centr x HYROX equipment is now available in the US at shop.centr.com or hyrox.de.

If you’re gearing up for a HYROX race in other territories, stay tuned: this is just the beginning.


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