A composite digital image of a dawn city scene with calm ocean waves super imposed.
Centr Team

14 new sounds to ground you

Centr Team

Will you find relaxation in crackling fireplace sounds, block out distractions with green noise or let the sound of the ocean carry you off to sleep?

The choice is yours with our latest range of Centr Soundscapes – featuring new nature, urban and colored sound audio tools to help you unwind, destress and drown out unwanted noise (wherever it’s coming from).

Members can unlock the new soundscapes in Meditations & Sleep now. Not a member? Start your free trial today to access the full range.

Let’s explore the new sounds to ground you that have just landed on Centr.

A view of the rolling Bryon Bay hinterland hills towards the ocean.

Nature sounds

After the huge response to our first release of soundscapes, we’ve gone back to nature to bring you sounds with even more physical and mental benefits.

An image of a paper-textured background, with green shading.

Colored noise

Different frequencies on the sound spectrum are identified by colors which can have different benefits.

We’re bringing white, pink, brown and green noise soundscapes to Centr for the first time to help you:

A busy but quiet cafe scene, with soft daylight hues and wooden tables, chairs and large windows overlooking a treed parkland.

Urban sounds

Our audio sourced from man-made environments – such as the buzz of the office or a city coming to life at dawn – will take you straight to the comfort zone. Urban soundscapes can:

  • Mimic the presence of other people to reduce anxiety and inspire a sense of safety and comfort.
  • Provide the noise and ‘audience’ of a busy environment (think plates and cutlery clinking in a bustling cafe) which helps some people to work more productively.
  • For some, the hum of human chatter and murmuring has a pleasant ASMR effect.

Where can I find Centr Soundscapes?

Members can head straight to the Explore section under Meditations & Sleep to tune in.

Not a member? Start your free trial with Centr to access our full range of audio. You can also listen to some of our favorite Soundscapes for free.


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