A triptych featuring three of Centr's nature soundscapes.
Centr Team

5 nature soundscapes for relaxation, sleep & focus

Centr Team

The sound of the ocean. The distant rumble of an incoming storm. The crackling sounds coming from the fireplace. Are you feeling calm yet?

We’re whisking you away to a calmer place with Centr Soundscapes – celebrating the power of nature to help you unwind, destress and get quality sleep.

Researchers have found that the sounds of nature can switch off your fight-or-flight response to bring instant calm, enhance positive emotions while toning down irritations, and improve sleep quality by masking unwanted background noise.

We’ve unlocked 5 of our favorite nature soundscapes to give your mind and body a well-deserved getaway.

Chris Hemsworth with a surfboard in the waves at Byron Bay.

1. Byron Bay Surf

Switch off the blaring of sirens and the screeching of tires, and switch on the crashing waves of Australia's iconic Byron Bay. These are the waves Chris Hemsworth loves to surf – and you can ride them all the way to your most relaxed and focused state.


2. Stormy Night

You know that old saying “after the storm comes the calm”? They were talking about this piece of audio. Let the thunder roll in and the clouds open up, calming your mind and bringing focus, or lulling you off to sleep.

An abstract textured green-coloured image.

3. Green Noise

When you can’t get out into nature, green noise can transport you there – grounding your mind with mid-range sound frequencies that mimic a distant waterfall. Try it when you need help focusing on work and learning, or to drown out distractions.

A crackling log fireplace.

4. Crackling Fireplace

It's long been known that crackling fires have a relaxing effect, and more recent studies have shown they can even reduce your blood pressure. So get cozy and let the outside world fade away.

A green vista with rolling hills and in the ocean in the background.

5. Byron Bay Hinterland

Inland from the waves Chris calls home, you’ll find an even slower pace of life among the rolling hillsides. It’s the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and can help lower your stress and irritation levels. Take a seat on the grass and let the breeze and birds float by.

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