Centr trainers Luke Zocchi and Ingrid Clay stand with a barbell and a set of dumbbells.
Centr Team

Cut body fat & gain muscle with Power Shred

Centr Team

Your strongest, leanest, most defined body is made with Power Shred – the 14-week cutting workout plan from the team behind Chris Hemsworth’s biggest transformations.

Lose body fat while building or maintaining muscle at home or the gym, with workouts tailored to your level and a comprehensive nutrition guide.

It’s the ultimate body recomposition workout and meal plan, with the expert support you need to get results. Start training now to own your power – only on Centr.

Get the lowdown on Power Shred

Strength experts Luke Zocchi and Ingrid Clay will have your back as you train to uncover serious definition with Power Shred.

  • 14 weeks of training, including two deload weeks.
  • Choose to train at home or in the gym.
  • Train at the level that’s right for you: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.
  • A workout mix of classic lifting, dedicated cardio days, functional movement to maintain mobility, plus heart-pumping HIIT/HIRT finisher rounds to elevate fat burn.
  • Efficient self-guided workouts that clock in at under 40 minutes for Beginners, 45 minutes for Intermediate and 60 minutes for Advanced.
  • Nail your nutrition with a dietitian-approved meal plan and handbook, including a calorie calculator and supplement guide.
  • Mindset tools and exercises to help you unlock your strongest self.

Trainer Luke Zocchi performs a barbell lunge, while trainer Ingrid Clay performs a dumbbell hammer curl.

Cut fat, not muscle

Want to know what results you’ll get with Power Shred? Over 14 weeks, we’ll show you how to cut without impacting your performance. You can expect to:

  • Lose body fat

  • Maintain or gain muscle

  • Build a strong mind

  • Do it all safely, without sacrificing your health.

Ready for your first Power Shred workout?

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Bulk vs cut: which one is right for you?

Looking for a bulking workout program to build serious size and strength before you shred?

We’ve got you covered with the definitive muscle-building program, Centr Power.

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