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Your Power Shred snacking guide

Centr Team

Building your strongest, leanest, most defined body with Power Shred? You’re going to need snacks for that.

While your main meals provide the majority of nutrients and calories, snacks will help you to both hit your daily calorie target and keep hunger at bay while cutting.

How many snacks do I need?

Before you get snacking, make sure you estimate your daily calorie needs using the Power Shred Nutrition Handbook – go to the regular or pescatarian handbook, or the plant-based handbook if you’re following the vegetarian or vegan meal plan.

Once you’ve read the handbook and calculated your daily calorie target, you will have an idea of how many snacks you need to add to (or subtract from) your base of main meals in the Get Fit & Toned meal plan.

Take a look at the example below.


As you can see, Rajesh requires approximately 400 calories from snacks per day to meet his target. Now he just needs to decide which snacks he’ll enjoy, and when…

How do I choose my snacks?

Sweet, savory, baked or frozen… How you choose to meet your daily energy target through snacking is completely up to you.

To find options, head to the Explore section and click on Snacks. You can then filter for dietary requirements (e.g. nut-free) and the type of snack. There are different types of snacks on Centr, so let us introduce you:

  • Post-workout: Rich in protein to repair muscle and help you recover from a training session. This snack style should be your priority during Power Shred.
  • Pre-workout: Designed to fuel your body for training, these snacks contain nutritious carbohydrates and are low in fat to boost energy levels and not sit too heavy in your stomach before exercise. Also great options to keep you feeling satisfied during Power Shred.
  • Treat: These snacks should only be eaten on rare occasions when doing Power Shred – not every day.
  • Everyday: Lower in calories and high in fruit or veg for a fiber hit. Perfect if you need something small to keep you going.

Tip: Scroll down to the ‘nutritional information’ panel on a recipe to see how many calories a snack provides per 1 serving.

Let’s talk super smoothies

If you’re completing Power Shred while following the vegetarian or vegan meal plan, a super smoothie is an essential part of your daily snacking requirements. You’ll find these specialized smoothies in the Meals section.

Each of our super smoothies contains at least 20g of protein and approximately 400 calories – providing the nutrients you need for post-workout repair and recovery.

If you are choosing to eat more frequent meals, you can divide your smoothie into two separate portions to drink throughout the day.

An Almond Mocha Super Smoothie from the Centr meal plan.

Tip: Search 'super smoothie' in Meals and save your favorite flavors for quick access.

Timing snacks for performance & recovery

When should you be eating snacks? It comes down to preference and what works for you during the program.

If the timing of your main meals is fairly consistent, you might go through a bit of trial and error to learn when snacking can help to maximize your energy levels or combat hunger. Keeping a food journal will help.

If you prefer, divide your snacks into smaller portions so you can eat more frequently throughout the day.

Remember, there is no universal model of food timing for fat loss – it is all about what works best for you.

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