Three Centr plant-based high-protein meals.
Centr Team

7 plant-based recipes that are high in protein

Centr Team

They said it couldn’t be done! But you know better.

You can build and maintain muscle on a plant-based diet, you just need recipes that make getting the protein you need a whole lot easier… and a heck of a lot tastier.

Here are 7 high-protein plant-based recipes to get your gains on track.

And remember: while supplements can be helpful when you’re building muscle on a vegetarian or vegan diet, we always recommend nailing the nutrition you’re getting from real food first.

A serving of High-protein French Toast from the Centr recipe library.

1. High-protein French Toast

It’s the weekend brunch you love, now with extra protein for a whole new punch.


2. Bircher Muesli

Make a big batch of this no-cook breakfast in one 10-minute sesh to power a week’s worth of weight training.

Dan's Veggie BLT Salad from the Centr meal plan.

3. Dan's Veggie BLT Salad

The snap of fresh salad meets the golden crunch of croutons and tofu in Dan’s BLT bowl. And it’s all topped off with his magic ‘vegan coconut bacon’ for boatloads of flavor.

Dan's Honey Soy Tofu with Greens & Quinoa from the Centr meal plan.

4. Dan's Honey Soy Tofu with Greens & Quinoa

We’re calling it: Dan’s honey soy marinade delivers the best-tasting tofu on the planet. Don’t believe us? You’ll just have to try the sticky-sweet goodness for yourself.

A serving of Tofu Shakshuka from the Centr meal plan.

5. Tofu Shakshuka

Our vegetarian Simple Shakshuka is an all-time Centr favorite. But guess what? We’ve packed even more protein into this plant-based twist.

A serving of High-protein Lentil Braise with Flatbread from the Centr meal plan.

6. High-protein Lentil Braise with Flatbread

If you’re looking for plant-based protein, you can’t go past lentils. So warm up your bread and get dunking – because muscle-builders need comfort food, too!


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